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Mindset is EVERYTHING.

FEAR is the no.1 factor for women entrepreneurs failing in their business. Whatever attitude you hold, will make or break yours.

So if you’re dreaming of your own online biz that allows you freedom and joy doing something you LOVE while earning a great income, have a look at how I can help you do that with these business mindset coaching online programmes.

Building my own biz, as well as having been a mindset coach for a top online marketing programme for online entrepreneurs, I’ve also got super-thorough knowledge of sales & marketing strategies.

So working with me, you’ll have the added bonus of getting lots of practical tips to grow your biz – with focus instead of overwhelm!

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Insecure to super-sure

This premium 3-month, complete business mindset coaching makeover programme will give you super confidence in yourself & your dream-business. From clarity around what you’re doing and who your ideal clients are, to motivation and commitment, laser-focus, resilience, money issues, self-worth and everything in between – I got you covered. Step-by-step, you’ll get the #1 asset any successful entrepreneur must have – a winning and successful attitude & unshakable self-belief.

Confident money

8 sessions that will thoroughly re-programme your mindset around money to help you attract & make more of it in your business. If you’re serious about your business, you can’t afford to have subconscious negative thinking around money. How much you make depends on how much you value your work and time and how much you feel you deserve wealth. On this programme you’ll let go of fears or negative beliefs around money, and build super-confidence around asking for, charging, giving or receiving more. ‘Think Rich’ has never been easier.

Confident me

8 sessions that will utterly transform your self-worth & self-belief and build that essential confidence in yourself. I’ll help you uncover any hidden subconscious blocks that are preventing you from taking the necessary steps forward in your business and keeping you stuck. You’ll effortlessly let go of past baggage, fears & limiting beliefs, of comparing yourself to others or needing their approval, and any other mental or emotional rubbish that’s in your way of owning your power and the success you deserve.

Confident biz

8 sessions that will totally change the way you present yourself and your dream-business to the world. Step-by-step, you’ll develop super-confidence around being authentic and true to yourself & your values while getting rid of resistances towards stuff you know you gotta do! You’ll get clear on how you’d like to serve, dissolve fears around business, selling and marketing, social media, networking or public speaking. You’ll finally allow your real self to shine and stand out above the competition.

Sedona Method™ programmes

Would you like to go deeply into the wonders of the very powerful Sedona Method and learn to release and let go of any professional or personal blocks? Experience more peace & more freedom in your life, literally – almost instantly.

Ongoing business mindset training support

Just like keeping your body fit – it’s a good idea to keep your mind fit on a regular basis. With ongoing training and support, you’ll be in perfect form to take on whatever it is you’re facing or want to achieve.

So if you’re not dealing with a more specific issue right now but you’re simply looking for someone to be there for you when you’re down, hold you accountable and help you stay focused, motivated, confident, calm & clear about what you’re doing and how to move forward – this is for you.

From My Clients

Here’s some of what my happy clients had to say…

“Before the sessions I was feeling stuck, unmotivated, walking in circles. Not sure if I was up to doing anything successful with any help I received. I have gained inspiration and know that with a little bit each day, one foot in front of the other instead of GIGANTIC STEPS all will be well and unfold as necessary. I’m feeling very positive about my experience & where my vibe may take me. The skills I have learnt from Maya have allowed me to step back & take a more simple approach to removing obstacles/blocks within the mind. What impressed me the most was how quick & simple the Sedona Method is to grasp & with practice can be done at anytime in situations that may arise.

Maya’s patience was one of a kind. I liked how Maya approached the session with me each time I met with her & I looked forward to my sessions with her & her support.”

Estelle Harman

Tauranga, New Zealand

“I was in a difficult place… struggling with many aspects of my personal life and also struggling immensely with the pressure of starting the program and everything this brought up for me. Emotions and feelings seemed to stick with me for a long time.

I received many insights from the sessions and from doing the Sedona method, namely the realisation that some aspect of me was choosing to have drama and chaos in my life and that I was feeding that by my thinking… I unveiled many of my hidden beliefs surrounding self worth and money. I realised that, if I chose to, I could let go of a feeling/emotion/belief instantaneously. I was really impressed by the power of the Sedona Method and how it unveils so clearly the impermanence of feelings/emotions and beliefs.

Right now I feel great! I feel like I’ve got a strong toolkit that I can use at any time. Most importantly right now I can see that a lot of my suffering is a choice. A choice to either step into it and follow a “poor me” story, or to just be, as I am.

Thanks so much for the sessions.”

Sion Jones

Liverpool, UK

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