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Peak-performance coaching & business mindset programs

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Your subconscious is running your biz – what’s going on in yours?

Your mindset will literally make or break your dream.

I’ll help you get moving with these peak-performance coaching programs, supporting you in the exact areas you need, whether you’re only starting out or you’ve already been around for a while.

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Money flow

8 weeks that will thoroughly reprogram your mind around money so you can  attract & make more. How much you make depends on how much you value your offer and feel you deserve. Reprogram subconscious fears & negative beliefs, get rid of made-up limitations and build super-confidence around charging, investing, giving or receiving.

‘Think Rich’ has never been easier.

Peak performance programs | mindset coaching Maya Zack
Peak performance programs | mindset coaching Maya Zack

Rise & Shine

8 weeks that are guaranteed to transform your self-worth & self-belief. Uncover the hidden subconscious blocks that are keeping you stuck or playing small.

You’ll effortlessly let go of past baggage, fears & limiting beliefs, of comparing yourself to others or needing approval. Finally start making shit happen feeling bold and letting your passion drive you!

The Brilliance Zone

8-week mindset mastery program for already established entrepreneurs. You’ll have the clarity, energy and resilience to drop overwhelm and take on whatever challenges you’re facing in your business or your personal life affecting it.

If you’ve already been around for a while but you’re stuggling to keep it up, feeling stuck not making further progress or challenged by maintaining a healthy work-life balance, this is for you.

Maya Zack | Entrepreneur mindset coaching & peak performance programs
Peak performance programs | mindset coaching Maya Zack

Sedona Method™ programs

Go deeply into the wonders of the very powerful, so simple yet profound Sedona Method and learn to release and let go of any professional or personal blocks & attachments. Achieve goals effortlessly and have an easy & practical tool to keep you in the Here and Now. Experience more peace & more freedom in your life, literally – almost instantly.

Ongoing 1:1 coaching

High-power change & maintenance. With my ongoing support, you’ll be in perfect form to take on challenges, get rid of blocks and keep your mind consistently clear & free to focus on what’s most important.

You’ll also have full access to my all strategic resources and I’ll hold you accountable to taking action, helping you stay motivated & on track so that you hit your goals in the easiest & fastest way.

Peak performance programs | mindset coaching Maya Zack

Interested but not sure which of these business mindset programs is right for you?

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Your *free* power session

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover on the call:

  • Create a clear vision of what you want (you can’t get there if you don’t know where ‘there’ is!)
  • Uncover hidden blocks standing in your way or taking away your energy & motivation.
  • Break through some of the self-sabotaging stories you’ve been unknowingly telling yourself that are keeping you stuck.
  • Get a clear, step-by-step plan of what you can expect if you’d like to work with me, making sure you’re supported in exactly the right areas to achieve your goals faster & easier!

You’ll leave the session with more clarity, confidence & motivation to get going, and achieve your dream-biz goals!

Mindset coach for women entrepreneurs | Maya Zack

From My Clients

Here’s some of what my happy clients had to say…

“Before the sessions I was feeling mentally clogged and full of resistance. I learned how much I mentally sabotage myself even when I’m not aware of it… 

I feel free after the sessions… I was impressed by how fast the work was, how it can really bring an awareness and release so fast. Thank you!”

Sat Purkh

California, USA

“I cannot describe in words how beneficial these sessions have been to me.  I always felt stuck…

I saw results after our first sessions; I was a lot calmer & optimistic, I felt like I didn’t need anything from life or anyone… after my 2nd session, I managed to obtain necessary funds with minimal effort!

They’ve helped me see life differently, and it’s brought a lot of success (in a very short time) into my life…”


Brighton, UK

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