Business mindset

super-clear, super-focused & super-confident to make your dream-biz happen!

Business mindset coaching for awesome women

grow your dream-biz, be your own boss, have more freedom & live on your own terms!

Mindset is everything!

Successful entrepreneurs agree that success is down to only 30% biz stuff and 70% mindset.

It’ll literally MAKE OR BREAK your dream.

You’re not underachieving – you’ve simply been unsupported!

So it’s time to put the right support-structures in place for you to hit your goals faster & SO MUCH easier!

What I’ll do for you

I’ve helped hundreds of ambitious, heart-centred women entrepreneurs build successful mindsets doing what they love and lives they love by combining smart, practical strategic action plans with powerful, proven business mindset coaching transformational tools.

Step by step I’ll show you how to drop any insecurities, doubts, stress or limiting beliefs & negative self-talk.

I’ll help you to authentically share your brilliance, confidently show up and grow your biz faster without the overwhelm & procrastination.

You can be doing what you love and have the kind of life you dream about. I’m here to help you make it happen now.

Learn more about what & how we can do this together.

Business Mindset Programmes


Get super-confident in the exact areas you need – whether money, sales & marketing, social media, self-belief and much more. Finally, get unstuck!

Insecure to Super-Sure


The super-confidence business mindset coaching programme bringing you the best of all programmes combined. A complete mindset makeover!

Business Mindset Coaching


Want regular business mindset coaching support on a weekly or monthly basis? I’m here for you – keeping you focused, motivated & accountable!

The Sedona Method™

The ultimate, easy & effortless tool for freedom and letting go of any blocks or limitations… Click to learn more!


Re-programme the way you think and feel on a deep level while you sit back & relax… Click to learn more!

Why my coaching is different

My mentoring is much more than your typical business mindset coaching.

On top of using the best but more ‘conventional’ coaching techniques, I use tools to create changes on a deeper, SUBCONSCIOUS level.

Real, long term & MUCH FASTER changes happen here.

This is because they become AUTOMATIC.

Which is what you want.

You don’t wanna consciously fight thoughts or feelings pulling you back into old habits.

This is why my logo says ‘training’. It keeps your mind CONTINUOUSLY FIT.

“I can’t remember what challenges were holding me back in the first place!”

Shruti Srivastava

Founder, Yoga Mapp, London, UK

A BIG bonus of working with me, is that I also have tons of knowledge around sales & marketing strategies.

This isn’t only cuz I’ve built my own biz, but also cuz I was a mindset coach for a top international online marketing programme for online entrepreneurs.

So not only do I know exactly what you’re dealing with, but I’ll be throwing in tons of practical tips & strategies to help you grow!

about me

I’ve been in practice since 2007 and built my biz specialising in confidence & performance – in personal, academic and professional lives.

Around 2016, after having worked with so many women in biz  as well as doing some executive & leadership coaching, I decided to focus on working with women entrepreneurs.

It’s my mission to contribute to a future world where women are more personally, professionally & financially free and doing whatever the f*ck they want!

But it’s really important you work with someone who’s right for you.

So because I want you to get the best & most out of our work together, here’s some more info about me that’ll help you decide whether we’d be a good fit.

Check it out!

Is coaching right for you?


Mindset training is for you if you’re commited to your dream-goals but you’re feeling stuck, stressed, overwhelmed, distracted, lacking confidence or being held back in any other way.

It’s also for you if you’re already in action, but you want an expert to walk with you on your journey making everything you’re doing a whole lot EASIER, keeping you clear, accountable & on track.


You'll get

  • Super-confidence & self-belief.
  • Clarity, focus & peace of mind.
  • Motivation & resilience.
  • More self-awareness and control over your emotional & mental states.
  • Simple tools you can easily DIY. 
  • Processes you can use in any other areas of your life – forever!
  • Tons of bonus practical & strategic biz stuff.
Business mindset coaching for women | Maya Zack

Coaching may not be for you if you


  • Aren’t 100% committed to your process or business
  • Don’t really want to invest time, effort or money into yourself
  • Expect a magic wand to be waved
  • Are kinda comfortable where you are and not really looking for change
  • Would rather continue making up excuses than make your dreams a reality

From My Clients

Here’s some of what my happy clients had to say…

“Before the sessions I was feeling shy and insecure, lethargic, unclear, fearful, distracted, irritable & restless… I now feel much clearer, able to rest into the moment more easily, accept myself as I am and lighten in non-judgment of what arises. Thanks for everything, Maya! You’re work has helped me immensely! It’s been quite the journey, and it’s only the beginning.”

Jill Foster


“Before the sessions I was feeling generally restless and busy mind. I learned that there is a possibility for change and it doesn’t have to take lots of time, energy and money! I felt empowered… I’m calmer knowing I can help myself… What is definitely better is my clarity in my focus. There is less fear, because I know how to help myself. I don’t hang in emotions as long as I used to. I was impressed by the honesty and lightness with which you work. Thank you Maya!”


Bonn, Germany

“Before the sessions I was feeling mentally clogged and full of resistance. I learned how much I mentally sabotage myself even when I’m not aware of it… such instant awareness of how the mind attaches itself to thought patterns and believes them. Then… you can let them go.

I feel free after the sessions, and like I don’t have to control so much, or grip what I’m doing so hard… I can also access more love, which feels not conditional. I was impressed by how fast the work was, how it can really bring an awareness and release so fast. Thank you!”

Sat Purkh


“I can’t believe how powerful (and quick!) the Sedona Method has been. Right from my first session with Maya I found that I was much more present and less stressed. Maya has helped me learn to release deep seated fears and insecurities and I feel empowered to achieve my goals going forwards.”

Helen H.

London, UK


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