Your magnetic visibility mini-course.

Step into the spotlight, attract more clients
and make more sales!


The ultimate mindset makeover for magnetic visibility.

Because people don’t just buy a service, they buy YOU!

SHINE | Magnetic visibility online course for entrepreneurs | Maya Zack award-winning mindset coach

This unique, no-nonsense online course is packed with powerful tools to help you confidently allow yourself to SHINE as a go-to person in your field.

You’ll shift your perspective and stories around your worth, and drop beliefs and fears.

Step into the spotlight, radiate passion and attract your dream clients while effortlessly being yourself.

PLUS, you’ll also get hypnosis recordings with every module, to reprogramme your brain FAST, as you sit back… and relax.

This is all worth £497, but you can get it…

For only £497 £37

Struggling with client attraction?

You can have the BEST offer in the world. You can even be the best at what you do.

But fear and comparison keep you hiding.

And if no one knows who you are and you’re the best kept secret in your niche, nobody is going to buy. 

If you’re not seen as a go-to person, nobody is going to buy. 

Imagine a version of yourself who…

Radiates passion and confidence that shines through your content (hello, video!) and immediately draws attention.

Connects with your audience in a way that feels easy, authentic and exciting, because they want to work with YOU!

Doesn’t give a sh*t about what people think, stands out in the cluttered noise and attracts your dream clients!

What if this version of you was closer than you think?

What’s included in


SHINE | Impactful visibility for women entrepreneurs | Maya Zack award-winning mindset

Three powerful modules that’ll have an immediate impact on how you show up and present yourself to the online world.

An easy, step-by-step mindset makeover toolkit to remove visibility blocks preventing you from making more sales!

SHINE | Impactful visibility for women entrepreneurs | Maya Zack award-winning mindset

Actionable exercises for you to reflect on your lessons, integrate the shifts and implement in your business .

You’ll be putting yourself out there and start attracting the attention you deserve, no matter what level of expertise you’re at, with new levels of clarity and confidence!

SHINE | Magnetic visibility online course for entrepreneurs | Maya Zack award-winning mindset coach

Beautiful, deep and transformational hypnosis recordings to go with every module so that you FEEL the change transforming every cell of your body.

Change your subconscious programming, and become free to step into a new, profitable and EXCITED you!

Everything you need to create magnetic visibility, make more impact,
and get more clients.

Module 1

✔️ Break through limiting beliefs keeping you hidden or small.
✔️ Share your expertise with confidence, no matter what stage you’re at.
✔️ Know exactly why your voice matters and be excited to share it with the world!
🎧 Hypnosis: rewrite your stories.

Module 2

✔️ Drop common fears around visibility, judgement and rejection.
✔️ Be done with comparison, ready to shine your brilliant true self!
✔️ Use your imperfections and vulnerability to create deeper connections and stand out from the crowd!
🎧 Hypnosis: express yourself freely.

Module 3

✔️ Have a roadmap for stepping into your growth-zone with courage.
✔️ Get a clear, strategic plan for your next moves to expand your online presence.
✔️ Make more impact, attract more clients, and watch as you become a go-to person in your niche.
🎧 Hypnosis: step into the spotlight!

“Maya helped me break through my fear of social media, posting and engaging. My confidence grew and new habits formed. I saw rapid results – increased commissions and collectors of my work.”

Fleur Deakin


I was burnt out, unsure of myself full of limiting beliefs. Now I’m flourishing, building sustainable income streams. I’ve been featured in Marie-Claire, Stylist, Metro and the Telegraph about my transformation!

Shruti Srivastava

London, UK

My self-worth and fear were in my way. I’m communicating more openly… situations that used to make me super nervous and uncomfortable changed like magic! It would’ve taken me years!

Marina Frangipani

Brighton, UK

Here’s a reminder of what’s waiting for you inside…

SHINE | Magnetic visibility online course for entrepreneurs | Maya Zack award-winning mindset coach

Three powerful modules that’ll help you master the art of magnetic visibility. Attract, connect and captivate your audience!

Worksheets and easy actionable exercises to integrate your learning and help you step into the spotlight – fast.

Hypnosis downloads designed to make these changes sink in DEEP into your core… resetting every single cell of your body.

Your audience is looking for you…

Could your “Holy sh*t, I MADE IT” moment be right around the corner?

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