Hypnosis for entrepreneurs

Use the power of your subconscious mind
to transform your biz from the inside out.

Reprogramme your brain for success.

Hypnosis for entrepreneurs

Reprogramme the way you think & feel while you sit back and relax…?

Yes please!

Your subconscious drives about 90% of your thoughts, feelings & behaviour.  They’re basically on ‘automatic’.

The problem

Some of your automatic patterns are conflicting with your goals, preventing you from taking the action or showing up in a way that attracts clients.

You consciously wanna get rid of self-sabotage. But on a subconscious level, you’re recreating it over and over.

The solution

Get both the subconscious & conscious minds working powerfully together towards your goals.

Using hypnosis for entrepreneurs, you directly access the ‘master settings’ and create effortless, fast change.

Hypnosis for entrepreneurs is a powerful and proven way to rewire your brain and set yourself up for success.

Access your unlimited freedom and create a brand new self-image.

When your subconscious is in sync with your conscious goals, you’ll be showing up in a new way.
The wildly profitable business of your dreams becomes inevitable.

I was most impressed by the hypnosis sessions.

I learned how to handle obstacles in an easy way. 

I’m much more confident… I now believe I can be in the ‘driver’s seat’ easily.

Claudia Heitländer Bielefeld


“I was feeling very vulnerable, lost, no confidence, limited self-esteem. 

Maya has a lovely voice in hypnosis, powerful energy I can even feel through Zoom.

I now feel confidence to focus on what I want, rather than what I think people want.

Soo Ann Ong

London, UK

FAQ’s about peak-performance hypnosis

What does hypnosis feel like?

The hypnotic experience can be different from one person to another and from one experience to the next.

The trance state is similar to getting caught in daydreaming or when drifting between waking and sleeping. It’s a feeling of being deeply and pleasantly relaxed and calm.

Even though it’s similar to a ‘drifting’ state, you won’t be asleep, but actually in a higher state of self-awareness and focus.

You’ll still be aware of what’s going on around you, but it will ‘fade’ into the background. You can come out of hypnosis at any time you want.

Is hypnotherapy similar to meditation?

Yes but it’s even better.

Hypnotic trance can be similar to the meditative state, but it tends to be easier, faster and deeper.

More importantly, it’s also far more directed to achieve your specific goals. Check out my post on how hypnosis can be used as next level meditation.

People who struglle with meditation often find hypnosis far more effective.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes. The hypnotic state is a natural one we all enter on a regular basis many times during the day, only we’re unaware of this or we don’t use it to our benefit in the way that hypnotherapy does. 

Anyone who wants to be hypnotised and is open to it will be able to enter the guided trance state.

If one seems ‘unable’ to experience this, it’s probably because they’re holding on to some resistance, discomfort or fear.

The right coach for you will make you feel at ease and will help you to uncover any resistance in the way.


Is it safe?

Yes, hypnosis is completely natural and safe.

The worst thing that could ever happen is you falling asleep, in which case I’d gently wake you up.

Feeling comfortable and safe with your therapist is really important for going into the hypnotic state and for getting the results you want.

You’re never under any obligation to proceed with hypnosis following our first introductory session.

Will you lose control?

No. Hypnosis is a collaborative process. You’re the one allowing yourself to enter the hypnotic state, with my guidance.

Nothing is ‘done to you’. In order for it to work, it relies on your ‘participation’- which is simply being open to it and allowing it to happen.

You’ll only go as deep as you feel comfortable with. You’ll feel deeply relaxed, but it’s not sleep. You’ll always be aware of what’s happening and in control at all times.

You won’t do or say anything that makes you uncomfortable and you can wake from this state at any moment you want.

The whole point of hypnotherapy is that you become more, not less, in control of your own mind.

Will you tell me all your secrets?

No. Hypnosis doesn’t make you blurt out any secrets or even relevant personal information you’re not ready and willing to share.

You’re aware of everything that’s going on, you’re in control the whole time and you’ll only share what you’re comfortable with.

In fact, it’s also possible to lie when in the hypnotic state and ‘construct’ stories, especially as the imagination is more creative. While ‘lying’ is not usually what you want to be doing in therapy, sometimes constructed imaginary stories can be useful.

This is because they probably contain and provide important information and beneficial messages from your subconscious.

Will you remember everything?

Different people remember different things. You’ll usually be able to recall the process or parts of it, but maybe not all details.

Sometimes people believe they remember everything but are unaware of information they‘ve consciously forgotten.

Complete amnesia for the whole hypnotic experience is less common, although can happen when experiencing a very deep level of trance. Sometimes people mistake this for falling asleep.

Either way, your subconscious mind is aware and will remember all that’s important for your successful process and change, even if you don’t consciously remember.

Can you get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis?

No. In the same way you’ll never get stuck in a daydream or sleep – it’s just impossible.


What happens in your first hypnosis session?

In our first 1.5hr session, I’ll take details of your story and circumstances. We’ll clarify your goals. I’ll answer any questions you might have about hypnosis.

I’ll then take you through a more ‘general’ hypnotic experience. This is so you can see and feel what it’s like and get comfortable with it, setting up for next sessions. This way, you’ll trust the process and allow yourself to go deeper next time.

I’ll also teach you the basics of self-hypnosis. if you’re interested. This is because I not only want to help you, but I want to empower you.

The more you use this, the faster and more powerful long-term results you can expect. 

Hypnosis for entrepreneurs is also enjoyable.

They help to quiet, calm & clear the mind. Many of my clients who struggle with de-stressing or  meditation find hypnosis far superior and EASY.
In fact, I believe hypnosis is next-level meditation and a key ingredient for deep-mind change.

This is why I use some peak performance hypnosis in my programmes.

“Thank you so much, I really enjoyed it! It was much more effective than meditation on me!”

Yamina Labed

Brighton, UK

Get access to the power of your mind to create the person you wanna become
and the go-to expert your audience wants to work with.

You’re far more powerful than you are currently allowing yourself to imagine.

Reprogramme your brain to expand your mind & your income

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