Mindset coaching with the Sedona method™

The power of letting go

Be finally free of all that baggage & stories you’ve been telling yourself!

The Sedona Method™

I  recently made a short intro video to the method.
Watch it right here. 

The Sedona Method is a self-development tool for freedom. It’s based on the idea that you’re unlimited – other than by holding onto (past) stories.

It’s a very unique, simple, powerful & profound, yet practical and easy-to-learn technique that you can use to LET GO.

I’m sure you’re very much aware of the concept of ‘letting go’.

But HOW do you actually do that?

With the Sedona Method you won’t need to ask that question anymore.

You’ll be able to release uncomfortable emotions, negative thinking, stuff you’ve been carrying around you’d really love to move on from or limiting beliefs – often right on the spot. 

The conclusion of a Harvard university study states the Sedona Method

“…stands out far and beyond the rest for its simplicity, efficiency, absence of questionable concepts and rapidity of observable results.”

The method allows suppressed emotions and resistance to dissolve, sometimes even without directly addressing them.

Long-term transformation can be VERY QUICK, even for life-long issues.

This is whether blocks are mental, emotional and even physical.

This is not suppressing, denying or ‘forgetting’ about them. It’s becoming truly free of them.

sedona method special programs


If you’re interested in exploring your unlimited nature even more deeply and taking your Letting Go skills & freedom to the next level, then these programmes are exactly what you’re looking for.

Let go of stories, expectations, attachments & self-perceived limitations.

Releasing these will allow you to become truly open to possibilities.

How is the Sedona Method different?


  • You’ll effortlessly break unwanted patterns & let go of blocks, whether they’re conscious or subconscious.
  • You can expect some immediate results during your session.
  • Its focus is on feelings, not on trying to change thoughts. It gets you out of your head!
  • It focuses on the present moment. You don’t need to go into past (or future) stories or revisit uncomfortable memories.
  • The method is ridiculously simple. You’ll very easily be able to continue using it yourself.
  • It can be content free. So you don’t have to share stuff you feel is too personal – it still works!


Do you need to have ‘issues’ to work with the Sedona Method?

No. As a personal-development technique, it can be used as a tool for growth.

The method will help you to

(warning: you might experience these side-effects anyway)

  • Achieve goals far more easily & effortlessly
  • Develop your automatic ability to naturally choose to hold onto stuff or not
  • Be present in the Here and Now moment
  • Directly experience a sense & feeling of being ‘unlimited’
  • Become far more self-aware
  • Become in charge of your emotional & mental state – no matter what your mind is chatting about!
  • Get super-clear intuition
  • Experience more true peace, clarity and joy

“I can’t believe how powerful (and quick!) the Sedona Method has been. Right from my first session with Maya I found that I was much more present and less stressed. Maya has helped me learn to release deep seated fears and insecurities and I feel empowered to achieve my goals going forwards.”

Helen H.

London, UK

How does the Sedona Method work?

You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to learn and to DIY!

It consists of a series of questions I’ll ask you as you focus on a feeling, belief or limitation you’d like to be free of. And all you have to do is simply answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

After a round of questions you’ll feel a shift. I repeat the process, until it’s completely transformed or released.

That’s it!

It’s that simple?


The power of now

The Sedona Method pulls your awareness into the present moment or what’s called ‘The Power of Now’. Instead of just an understanding of letting go, it gently gives you the actual experience of it.

Finally, a real & practical tool you can use and integrate easily into your daily life!

sound too good to be true?

Don’t take my word for it…

Come join me at one of my introductory events or get in touch below to book your session and try it out for yourself!

From My Clients

Here’s some of what my happy clients had to say…

“Thank you Maya…I really love the Sedona method and it has already had a profound effect on me. It has come into my life just at the right time. I had been questioning for some years how to successfully release old stagnant emotions and deal with emotions that come up on a daily basis…I now have my answer. I was very impressed by the way you lead the programme and I knew from the opening talk that you were somebody I could trust and learn from. You seem to embody what you teach which is a most beautiful thing.”

Martin L.

Brighton, UK

“Before the sessions I was feeling stuck, unmotivated, walking in circles. Not sure if I was up to doing anything successful with any help I received… The skills I have learnt from Maya have allowed me to step back & take a more simple approach to removing obstacles/blocks within the mind. What impressed me the most was how quick & simple the Sedona Method is to grasp & with practice can be done at anytime in situations that may arise… Maya’s patience and professionalism was one of a kind… I looked forward to my sessions with her & her support.”

Estelle Harman

Tauranga, New Zealand

are you ready to invest in yourself & finally release all that stuff holding you back?

sedona method special programs

If you’d like to explore your unlimited nature even more deeply and take your Letting Go skills & freedom to the next level, then check out these programs!

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“Thank you Maya – I feel so much lighter and at the same time more solid and confident…  really helped me to release old feelings and negatives beliefs that have held me back for years and I now feel much more able to live in the moment and make the most of the opportunities that come my way…  your gentle challenge and ability to take the problems I have presented and turn them into things that we can work productively with, have really helped me bring it all to life and shift things further and faster.”

N. Shah

London, UK

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