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The Money Flow
Money mindset program

  • Do you have a dysfunctional love-hate relationship with money, wanting it but also resenting it for feeling your wellbeing depends on it?
  • Are you at war with it, seeing it as a negative force or enemy you’d rather avoid?
  • Do you wanna have or make more, but feel guilt or shame about being ‘greedy’?
  • Do you tell yourself you ‘only need enough to get by’? 
  • Are you doubting your ability to hit your money goals?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable naming your price or having sales conversations?
  • Do you avoid charging what you’d really like to?
  • Are you afraid of investing in yourself and your biz? 

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you’ll definitely benefit from money mindset training.​

Maya Zack | Money mindset coaching for women entrepreneurs

why do you need money mindset coaching?

Wanna run a business? Then you wanna make money.

Maybe you’d be happy with enough money to live an easier life, or maybe your goals are bigger.

But just like with any other relationship, if you’re negative towards it, it’s unlikely to cooperate with you or give you what you want.

Feeling frustrations or dislikes around it, you’re simply pushing it further away from you.

This can be through lack of motivation, avoiding taking high-impact action, or struggling to attract people investing in your offer.


Successful entrepreneurs hold positive attitudes towards wealth.

If you want more money, you need to feel good about aspiring to have it and believe that you can.

And for your biz to grow, you have to feel confident around charging, asking, receiving or spending it. 

beliefs & money mindset blocks

Beliefs, which are entirely subjective & mostly unconscious, drive everything you think, feel and experience.

Your money beliefs are based on memories; your upbringing, your parents’ or environment’s attitudes towards it & your past failures or successes with it.

How much money you can make depends not only on whether you perceive money as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but on how much you value your work & how much you believe you deserve wealth.


Money mindset coaching & training for business women
Maya Zack | Money mindset coaching

are you struggling with some of these money mindset blocks?

  • I can’t / I won’t ever be financially free.
  • I’ll always struggle / I’m not able to make that kind of money.
  • Making good money means constant, really hard work.
  • People won’t pay what I wanna ask for.
  • My service / product isn’t good enough to charge that. 
  • Wanting more / lots of money is wrong / greedy / not ethical or spiritual enough.
  • I shouldn’t invest this much in myself or my business.
  • Money is evil or dirty stuff.

These beliefs conflict your conscious goals to make more money, and unfortunately they always win.

This is why I’ve created this one of a kind program. You’ll completely and profoundly change your relationship to money, on a SUBCONCIOUS level.

You’ll truly feel you’re worthy of success & of people investing good money in the value you offer and you’ll feel happy talking about it.

Get on the money flow program if you want to:

  • Stop feeling that money is controlling your life – your feeling, thinking & being.
  • Believe you can make more – from a place of service, giving & passion. A place of wealth and sharing rather than lack and wanting.
  • Get comfortable asking for, negotiating for, receiving or having money.
  • Allow yourself to confidently invest or spend it in positive ways, creating more opportunities for yourself and others to advance & progress.
  • Be more in sync with the natural flow of money energy – it’s meant to move, change hands. It’s otherwise useless. So feel more at ease whether you’re experiencing a time of having more or less.
  • Become friends with money, feel it’s a collaborator, a partner or tool, expressing your positive intentions and serving your & others’ highest good. 

You’ll get the ‘rich consciousness’

Having a ‘feel rich’ mindset is about you feeling already wealthy.

Not only in feeling grateful for what you’ve already got or for what you know you can create & receive.

But also in knowing you’ve got an overflowing wealth & abundance of knowledge & skills, or valuable service or product you wanna share.

And that’s SO worth investing in!

Money mindset coaching for business women | Maya Zack business mindset coach

“I would like to say a big thank you… I released a lot of stuff! The main thing I noticed was that my high anxiety about money was no longer with me! Those beliefs about money didn’t seem to ring true anymore, so a very big change there. I generally feel a lot more positive about things in life. I’m realising the money issue isn’t really the issue at all, it’s really fearing being ‘more involved in life’…

With life feeling quite stuck and stagnant for a number of years, after having just a few sessions, life has miraculously started moving again and become very unstuck in quite a short space of time and issues that I’ve been struggling with for ages are finally clearing.  I really feel life is flowing so much easier now and great changes seem to be falling in my lap!”

Helen C.

Slough, UK

“I was in a difficult place… struggling with many aspects of my personal life and also struggling immensely with the pressure of starting the program and everything this brought up for me.

I received many insights from the sessions… I unveiled many of my hidden beliefs surrounding self worth and money. I realised that, if I chose to, I could let go of a feeling/emotion/belief instantaneously…

Right now I feel great! I feel like I’ve got a strong toolkit I can use at any time. Most importantly right now I can see that a lot of my suffering is a choice. A choice to either step into it and follow a “poor me” story, or to just be, as I am.

Thanks so much for the sessions.”

Sion Jones

Liverpool, UK

are you ready to invest in yourself & in your wealth and Confident Money mindset?

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