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Clear your money blocks. Fast.

Rewrite your money story to create financial freedom.

The Money Flow Programme

Revolutionise your money mindset in 90 days
and quit the income rollercoaster

Here are some dream results my clients have created, you too can achieve:

✔️ Increase your prices and create high-ticket offers.

✔️ Finally quit your 9 to 5.

✔️ Work while traveling the world.

✔️ Have more free time for yourself and loved ones.

✔️ Hit 6 figures in your business.

✔️ Buy your dream home.

✔️ Leave a legacy and build generational wealth.

✔️ Make a positive impact or give back to the community.

My easy, unique & proven step-by-step system, will activate you to take BOLD LEAPS in your biz and earn as much money as you deserve.

Just imagine…

Your calendar is fully booked with leads who can’t wait to meet you.

You nail your sales calls, your leads feeling ‘take my money now!’

You wake up to emails that more clients signed up at your high price.

Your business is growing in a way that feels easy, fun and fulfiling!

You know that feeling of tension you get whenever you think of money or your money goals?

Let’s clear it.

You know it’s time to get support from a money mindset coach if…


You’ve been stuck in yo-yo’ing income or at a level you can’t seem to break through, and you doubt you’ll ever make it.


You dislike selling – you worry about being ‘salesy’, you’re uncomfortable pitching or charging the prices you want.


You wanna get rich but feel it’s ‘greedy’, selfish, or too much to ask for. You tell yourself you can settle for ‘just enough’.

You might also hesitate to invest in yourself, thinking ‘What’s the cost’ rather than ‘What’s the ROI’.

Your subconscious ‘blueprint’ of your relationship with money & your confidence in your ability to make it is pushing money away.

To attract more & earn the money you want, this blueprint needs to change.

What you believe about money & yourself
determines your income potential.

The earnings you want are within your reach, just outside of your current subconscious programming zone.

Let’s exapnd that zone.

Limiting money beliefs

Beliefs drive everything you think, feel and do. They control your every move & habit.

Money beliefs are like flashbacks of your past buried deep down: childhood memories, your parents’ attitudes, and past financial wins or fails.

They’re a mirror of your self-worth & self-belief. Knowing and understanding this idea isn’t enough. Gratitude and affirmations aren’t enough. You need REAL, deep and permanent shifts.

With a powerful combo of the Sedona Method & hypnosis, we’ll reset your limiting beliefs on a subconscious level and give you practical tools for self-mastery you can easily then use on your own.

My Money Flow package is unlike any other coaching programme.


Maya Zack | Award-winning, business and  money mindset coach
Money mindset coach | Business mindset | Award-winning coaching Maya Zack

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Your inner world is mirrored on the outside.

What you put out is what you get in return. A lack & poor mindset gets you poor results.

You’ve done the gratitude practice, affirmations or journaling… but you’re still stuck.

What you need is real tools that work on a deep level to rewire your brain and reset your thinking… for good.

I’ll show you exactly how.

Imagine what you’ll achieve when you have:

Radiant self-belief

You’ll believe in yourself like crazy, trust that you can and you will hit your money goals!

Priceless self-worth

You’ll know you deserve, you take consistent action, free from self-sabotage.

Magnetic confidence

You’ll show up as your true self and attract dream leads dying to work with you!

Passion for sales

You’ll sell from the heart and charge what you want with absolute trust in your offer!

An abundant mind

You’ll allow yourself to invest in your biz, ‘cuz you’re the hottest stock on the market.

We will finally flip that switch, even if you’ve tried ‘all the things’.

Breaking through your money blocks and rewiring your brain, you’ll be empowered to build the biz of your dreams,
make an impact and live a life of


“I cannot describe in words how beneficial these [sessions] have been to me. I saw results after our first session… and it’s brought a lot of success (in a very short time) into my life; I always wanted to own my own cafe, but I always felt stuck. After my 2nd session, I found the ideal cafe to buy, and managed to obtain the necessary purchase funds with minimal effort!


Brighton, UK

Abundance is an attitude & state of mind

Entrepreneurs who have mentors to transform their thinking and overcome their money blocks make more money and know there’s no limit to how much they can earn.

Here’s what you get from me as your money mindset coach on the

12 Fun, 1-hour, high-impact LIVE, jam-packed coaching sessions

✔️ Clarity intro call: vision, ideal clients & goals so we can tailor an action plan to FIT YOU.

✔️ 8 Sedona Method sessions to master your thoughts & feelings and liberate you from your subconscious money stories in a life changing way.

✔️ 3 hypnosis sessions that’ll help you get that next level, abundant financial confidence whilst you cultivate calm & peace of mind.
(These are recorded so you can continue using them)

What about in between sessions?

✔️ You get practical homework and worksheet exercises every week for more insight & to keep your momentum in your business going.

✔️ You’ll have my undying, supportive empowerment, you can always get in touch for personal advice or to pick up your mood.

✔️ I’ll be your trusty wingwoman &  accountability partner ensuring you implement your strategy and stop wasting time on Instagram or Netflix.

✔️ You’ll be able to continue using the practical tools immediately on your own… no need to ‘practice’ – they just WORK!

With my proven tools for powerful subconscious shifts,
change is effortless – you just need to commit & show up!

✔️ Subconscious, fast & profound change.

✔️ Simple, practical mindset mastery tools so you can easily use on your own in any life area – forever!

✔️ Be FREE from life-long issues & baggage in areas of your life you didn’t even know were impacting your success.

✔️ Small groups (up to 5 people) to ensure you get top support – get on the waiting list!

I’ll let you know as soon as a space opens up.

“Big thank you… my high anxiety about money was no longer with me! Those beliefs about money didn’t seem to ring true anymore. I’m realising the money issue isn’t really the issue at all, it’s really fearing being ‘more involved in life’…

With feeling stagnant for a number of years, life has miraculously become very unstuck in quite a short space of time.  Great changes seem to be falling in my lap!”

Helen C.

Slough, UK

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