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Here’s some of what my happy clients say

[After ONE session]

Maya skillfully guided me addressing the deep-rooted beliefs that held me back.

I was able to break free from some deep feelings I had created a long time ago.

This session opened my eyes to a world of endless possibilities, and I now approach life with a newfound sense of confidence and belief in myself.

It’s truly transformative and easyThank you so much for this session. 

Judit Thom


Maya helped me break through my fear of social media.

I have been a professional artist for 20 years, working with galleries to promote and sell my work.

Following Covid, I decided to represent myself and promote my work through social media, but I felt held back from posting and engaging with followers. 

Following sessions, my confidence grew and new habits formed. I learned to enjoy the creative aspect of making videos and sharing process based photos & behind the scenes films. Over the following months, I saw rapid results – increased commissions and collectors of my work.


Fleur Deakin


From city professional to yogipreneur: Maya helped me get out of my own way. I was burnt out, unsure of myself full of limiting beliefs and negative coping strategies; now I’m flourishing, building sustainable income streams. I run wellness platform Yoga Mapp and have been featured in Marie-Claire, Stylist, Metro and the Telegraph about my story and transformation.

I can’t remember what challenges were holding me back in the first place!

Shruti Srivastava

Founder, Yoga Mapp, London, UK

Thank you for our sessions together. They have made a big difference to me and you have given me the tools to keep going forward. You have been amazing.


London, UK

I was lacking clarity and overwhelmed by my goals.

The sessions have enabled me to break down my goals… make my goals much smaller & achievable. 

It’s helped me reframe the journey, being more positive with the here and now.

I’ve learned how important it is to double down on the subconscious mind, and to understand how to manage this moving forward.

I had mini epiphanies during the sessions, or during moments of reflection doing the homework. 

This program has ensured I am better ready from a psychological / emotional perspective.

A sense of freedom… much more energised… clearer, calmer & positive towards my goals & purpose in life. I am now just excited.

Brilliant, thank you once again.


Darren Collins

Canterbury, UK

I was struggling with anxiety, overwhelming grief, low self-worth.  I was also on 100mg of anti-depressant and struggling to reduce this. I also held limiting beliefs and felt blocked.

After the sessions, I had feelings of deep peace & contentment.  I am no longer affected by specific triggers in my life, I also feel well enough to discover that there is nothing ‘inherently’ wrong with me and that I don’t need medication… I now have the courage to reduce it.  

This is the best I’ve felt in a long time!

What I am impressed with the most is Maya’s skill, experience, and warmth.  She has a very reassuring presence, and I feel very confident that if I stick to releasing, things will just get better and better. 

Thank you for everything I have learned from you so far. With your help, I have made big strides and I’m looking forward to the future.

David Locke


Before our sessions I was curious & excited. Always looking forward to learning something new.

The inspiration, encouragement and the continuous reminder of “do your stuff, don’t get distracted” was most valuable to me. I enjoyed laughing about some of my beliefs/obstacles and was most impressed by the hypnosis sessions.

I now have a new way of looking at goals and I learned how to handle obstacles in an easy way. 

I’m much more confident with the process of building my business, I can put myself out there and I don’t need to put a lot of pressure on myself.

I now believe that I can be in the ‘driver’s seat’ easily, and I’m now making progress every day in a relaxed way.

Claudia Heitländer Bielefeld


I was feeling very vulnerable, lost, no confidence, limited self-esteem. I wanted to find myself and my voice. Over 36 years I have been living in what people want me to do, I needed to learn how to bring myself out and just be myself.

I learned Letting Go and acceptance. Most valuable was learning how to not hold on to negative charge. What impressed me most was Maya’s positivity & ability to turn things around with me during the sessions and challenge me when I had some negative moments.

Maya has a lovely voice in hypnosis, powerful energy that I can even feel through Zoom.

I now feel confidence and able to focus on what I want to do, rather than what I think people want me to do.

Don’t wait for whatever is stopping you from getting coaching. Just do it.

Soo Ann Ong

London, UK

I was feeling lost, disillusioned, lonely, depressed, confused. Tired of looking for the answer that would unlock the reason why my life was in such a mess.

I’ve been using the Sedona Method for some years now but never made that much progress. Maya took me through the process step by step and kept me accountable between sessions which I found very helpful.

I gained an enormous amount over the course of the sessions. Things about myself, patterns, trip up points… 

I’m [now] feeling at peace and working on goals with confidence and energy. I now feel that I can allow myself to have a better life and I have the tools to achieve that.

The biggest benefit for me was to get to remember what unconditional love was. I can give that again as I go forward and underneath this lies the basis for freedom and acceptance of life just as it is.

I’ve also learned that to get the best from life changing processes, you need help from a skilful, intuitive, and tough coach. Maya meets all these criteria and more. I would highly recommend Maya and the Sedona Method if you really want to sort stuff out.

Roy Burrows

London, UK

My self-worth, fear and lack of courage to ask for what I needed were getting in my way for many years, professionally & personally.

It took me a decade to ask for help & be open to the possibility that my mind could be reset. I thought I simply had to deal with how my mind works. How wrong could I’ve been?

I was super nervous to take this path and wasn’t clear on what I wanted.

I’ve learned so much more about my beliefs and how they were impacting my actions (or inaction) in 8 weeks than I learned during 6 months of cognitive behavioural therapy. Now I know why I used to feel everything was too hard and was running in circles.

The most important learning was how to let all of them go, simply make them vanish! 
The most powerful tool I’ve learned in life so far.

Learning to identify my feelings and releasing them before they become a story or belief has been life changing… wow! That surprised me beyond words!

Each day I get more impressed about the tools I’ve learned. So simple & so powerful.

I’ve been able to define my goals more clearly each day and week, releasing the emotional responses to them.

I feel SO much more resilient and ready to work in such a light & joyful way – I feel amazed by this feeling!

I’m much closer to launching the new version of my business than I ever thought I’d be by now, and even feeling excited about going back to social media after more than 3 years.

I’m not only moving my business forward but communicating more openly with everyone… all situations that used to make me feel super nervous, uncomfortable and unconfident [changed] like magic!

It would have taken me years… Don’t waste any more of your precious life by hitting on your imaginary walls. Maya makes the whole process so easy and enjoyable. Take the leap and you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before.

Marina Frangipani

Brighton, UK

I am super happy I have had you as my mindset coach.

Before our sessions [I was] always a bit lost, not sure, lack of focus and foggy mind, doubting myself.

I learned to allow myself to release feelings, emotions and patterns which do not serve me anymore.

The feeling of letting go was just great. The sessions were ‘Aha’ moments for me. After all sessions I felt so much calmer, complete, grounded, with clear mind, increased focused and full of energy.

The best bit was when I repeated the [self-limiting] statements and there was no more emotional connection to them. Noticing the changes in my daily behaviour, thoughts and actions, and seeing that even my body language has changed after the sessions – incredible.


You are one truly inspirational and amazing woman. Your work, words and energy are so uplifting, genuine, encouraging and inspiring too. Just continue to be you, Maya. You are Incredible.

Kremena Angelova

London, UK

Before the sessions I often felt overwhelmed and anxious. Learning the Sedona Method was fantastic as a way to change all these emotions and end up being clear-headed and able to move forward with my projects.

Maya was always super supportive and has provided me with a toolkit I can use on my own when anxiety comes back. I now feel at peace.

Thank you Maya for everything, and not only for the sessions, but for your support throughout and feedback. You’ve been of invaluable help to me throughout the last 5 months. 

Thanks so much for the sessions.


London, UK

I was in a difficult place… struggling with many aspects of my personal life and also struggling immensely with the pressure of starting the program and everything this brought up for me. Emotions and feelings seemed to stick with me for a long time.

I received many insights from the sessions and from doing the Sedona method, namely the realisation that some aspect of me was choosing to have drama and chaos in my life and that I was feeding that by my thinking…

I unveiled many of my hidden beliefs surrounding self worth and money. I realised that, if I chose to, I could let go of a feeling/emotion/belief instantaneously. I was really impressed by the power of the Sedona Method and how it unveils so clearly the impermanence of feelings/emotions and beliefs.

Right now I feel great! I feel like I’ve got a strong toolkit that I can use at any time. Most importantly right now I can see that a lot of my suffering is a choice. A choice to either step into it and follow a “poor me” story, or to just be, as I am.

Thanks so much for the sessions.

Sion Jones

Liverpool, UK

I was feeling agitated, with a lot of thoughts. I now feel peace, tranquillity and clarity. Thank you for all the kind support and teachings. It has been soothing and growing to work with you.
Cristina Berar

London, UK

I was impressed by how easy the process was & how powerful. Thank you so much for all your time. Loved the process. Loved meeting & working with you!
Alex Bannard

Cornwall, UK

Before the sessions I was feeling shy and insecure, lethargic, unclear, fearful, distracted, irritable & restless.
I learned that everything is quite simple really when letting go of anything I hold onto. I now feel much clearer, able to rest into the moment more easily, able to accept myself as I am in each moment and lighten in non-judgment of what arises.
Thanks for everything, Maya! Your work has helped me immensely! It’s been quite the journey, and it’s only the beginning!
Jill Foster


[Before the sessions I was feeling] not very grounded and not very good about myself. [In the sessions] I was able to let go of beliefs and thoughts that were holding me back, to find comfort in not holding on to expectations nor desires, and found myself after each session in a really good space…

I now feel very much grounded, and centred.  I was impressed by how simple it is to let go of thoughts and beliefs with a willingness.

Thanks again for working with me – I got a great deal from our sessions.

Beth Nurnberger

Perth, Australia

Before the sessions I was feeling mentally clogged and full of resistance. I learned how much I mentally sabotage myself when I’m not aware of it. It brings you to such instant awareness of basic primal instincts and desires and how the mind attaches itself to these thought patterns and believes them. Then, once you can bring it into awareness you can let them go.

I feel free after the sessions, and like I don’t have to control it so much, or grip what I’m doing so hard. That I can move at an organice pace. I can also access more love, which feels not conditional on anything. I was impressed by how fast the work was, how it can really bring an awareness and release so fast. Thank you!

Sat Purkh

California, USA

I gained a deeper perspective through learning a new way to look into my own patterns of thinking with a practical, effective method. It was valuable to tune in and be reminded of the importance of mindset work as well as to receive direct encouragement and support in doing the work.

It was also very helpful to hear your perspectives on some beliefs. I gained depth of understanding hidden underneath the surface of the [Sedona] method and wisdom in the systematic; inviting for acceptance along with the power for transformation that comes from it.

THANK YOU for caring, being present and giving your best. 

Guillaume Schollier


I’ve had 9 sessions with Maya, and I consider everyone of them to be well worth the money.

If you’ve got the Sedona Method book and the course, do you need to splash out on a Sedona Method practitioner as well? No, you don’t. But, if you want to avail yourself of someone’s greater knowledge and experience in this area, which will greatly enhance your own, and show you things that you might not otherwise have thought of yourself, then, YES, I heartily recommend this course of action.


Maya has been a pleasure to work with. She has come out with insights that would otherwise have bypassed my know-it-all egoic conscious mind. She has a lovely sense of humour, which she mostly hides in our sessions, but it leaks through now and again, lol.


She has taught me quite a lot in our sessions, that I would not have got from just reading the book and slowly plodding through the video course.
Tina K.

Lewes, UK

[After taking the Academic Performance / Exam Prep programme]

Thank you for your help, it made a big difference and my anxiety levels were lower than I have ever known in exams.

Syed Naqvi

London, UK

Before the sessions I was feeling stuck, unmotivated, walking in circles. Not sure if I was up to doing anything successful with any help I received.

I have gained inspiration and know that with a little bit each day, one foot in front of the other instead of GIGANTIC STEPS all will be well and unfold as necessary.

I’m feeling very positive & where my vibe may take me. The skills I have learnt from Maya have allowed me to step back & take a more simple approach to removing obstacles/blocks within the mind.

What impressed me the most was how quick & simple the Sedona Method is to grasp & with practice can be done at anytime in situations that may arise.

Maya’s patience and professionalism was one of a kind. I liked how Maya approached the session with me each time I met with her & I looked forward to my sessions with her & her support.

Estelle Harman

Tauranga, New Zealand

Before the sessions I was feeling generally rather restless and busy mind.
[I learned] that there is a possibility for change and it does not have to take lots of time, energy and money!

I felt empowered. I’m calmer knowing I can help myself. 

What is definitely better is my clarity in my focus. There is less fear, I don’t hang in emotions as long as I used to.

[I was impressed by] the honesty and lightness with which you work.

Bonn, Germany

Before the sessions I was feeling like these stupid beliefs had a hold that was difficult to break.

There was a real breakthrough, that beliefs are our own decisions, more or less. That we really do see what we believe reflected back at us. 

I feel much clearer. I feel that I really can change negative beliefs and that there’s a simple and effective means to work with them.

What impressed me the most is the ease. This really was quick. It was great! I love the simplicity and the way it gets tailored to the individual.

It was wonderful to feel the space that Maya opened for me to be myself, come as I am, and feel supported.

Frances Adamson

Ontario, Canada

Before starting the sessions I was feeling anxious, doubtful and fearful. I learnt that we have a lot more control over the weight/value/interpretation we place on emotions than we think. I now feel much more calm and confident. What most impressed me was the simplicity, self-realisations and insight I gained.
Natasha Rumble

Queensland, Australia

I can’t believe how powerful (and quick!) the Sedona Method has been. Right from my first session with Maya I found that I was much more present and less stressed.
Maya has helped me learn to release deep seated fears and insecurities and I feel empowered to achieve my goals going forwards.
Helen H.

London, UK

Thank you so much, I really enjoyed it! It was much more effective than meditation on me!
Yamina Labed

Brighton, UK

Maya was welcoming, friendly and very professional. The techniques I learned were simple yet profound and I’m thrilled to have gained such transformative tools I can confidently use to move forwards!
Luca T.

Guilford, UK

I went to Maya and did the Sedona Method sessions, and I cannot describe in words how beneficial these have been to me.  I saw results after our first session; I was a lot calmer and optimistic, I also felt like I didn’t need or require anything from life or anyone.

The releases which we’ve worked on have helped me to see life differently, and it has brought a lot of success (in a very short time) into my life; i.e. I always wanted to own my own cafe, but I always felt stuck (like hitting a wall). After my 2nd session with Maya, I found the ideal cafe to buy, and I managed to obtain the necessary purchase funds with minimal effort!
On a personal level, Maya is very friendly, welcoming and you don’t feel judged or ashamed to work on what you need to work on! I would recommend the Sedona Method, but most of all, Maya – to anyone.

Brighton, UK

With life feeling quite stuck and stagnant for a number of years, after having just a few sessions with Maya life has miraculously started moving again and become very unstuck in quite a short space of time. Issues I’ve been struggling with for ages are finally clearing.  

I really feel life is flowing so much easier now and great changes seems to be falling in my lap! I’ve had amazing and interesting insights along the way too!  

[…and after the 2-day Intensive Programme]
Big thank! The main thing I noticed after the second day was that my high anxiety about money was no longer with me! Those beliefs about money didn’t seem to ring true anymore, so a very big change there.

I feel a lot more positive about things in life. I’m realising the money issue isn’t really the issue at all, it’s really fearing being ‘more involved in life’…

I was quite amazed!

Helen C.

Slough, UK

When I first heard about the Sedona Method I was very intrigued. I had been experiencing high levels of stress, but after just a quick taster of the method during Maya’s free talk, the stress I was experiencing disappeared.

After having the 5-session program with Maya I haven’t been disappointed. Following my first session, a dust allergy that I’d had for as long as I can remember, seems also to have disappeared (a wonderful side-effect of the method as this wasn’t being worked on directly).

I also feel calmer and clearer; I’m so pleased I embarked on this journey and am looking forward to other changes using the method will bring. It is beautifully simple.
Beth K.

Brighton, UK

At first when I heard about the Sedona Method I thought it could be good for changing the way I deal with things my life, and to heal from bad experiences that happened to me in the past. 

The 5 weeks program has been one of the best experiences of my life!

The Sedona Method has showed me the way of releasing old feelings built up in the past, especially how to deal with the abandoned feeling I’ve been carrying since my dad’s death, and the frustration of my last relationship.

After the third session I managed to release all of what was hurting me or stopping me from taking decisions… I was able to let it go, creating an enormous feeling of comfort!

I now enjoy a peaceful state of mind. I now know what I want to do with my life!

Thanks Maya you have been an amazing guide!

Krika K.

Brighton, UK

Thank you Maya for all that you have shared with me…

I really love the Sedona method and it has already had a profound effect on me. It has come into my life just at the right time. I had been questioning for some years how to successfully release old stagnant emotions and deal with emotions that come up on a daily basis…I now have my answer.

I was very impressed by the way you lead the program and I knew from the opening talk that you were somebody I could trust and learn from. You seem to embody what you teach which is a most beautiful thing.
Martin L.

Brighton, UK

Working with Maya has been a joy.
A long standing illness that I had been battling with for nearly a year has completely healed and my relationships with those I love and work with have dramatically improved.
I highly recommend working with Maya to create the life you want and most importantly, deserve.
Nicolle Carter

London, UK

Thank you Maya – I feel so much lighter and at the same time more solid and confident after our 5 sessions using the Sedona Method. 

The approach has really helped me to release old feelings and negatives beliefs that have held me back for years and I now feel much more able to live in the moment and make the most the opportunities that come my way. 

I got a lot of value from reading the book and working through bits myself, but your gentle challenge and ability to take the problems I have presented and turn them into things that we can work productively with, have really helped me bring it all to life and shift things further and faster.
N. Shah

London, UK

I’ve had absolutely amazing results.
I wanted to give up smoking and I had stopped… I have forgiven people that I never thought I would… all the pain went…
Patience Mugawazi

Brighton, UK

After reading the Sedona Method book I thought that it could be very useful for me and I booked a number of sessions with Maya.
During the sessions I uncovered some thought patterns that were lingering under the surface and this has helped me deal with a long standing issue that I had. 
The sessions with Maya helped me understand the method in a deeper way and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Surrey, UK

I was stressed about several aspects of my life including work, relationships, people’s perceptions of me and my perception of myself.

Since starting working with Maya, learning and practicing the Sedona method, I’ve managed to release a lot of tension that was holding me back, and drop repeated negative thought patterns that would occasionally crop up just as things were going well.

Now I feel a lot more settled internally.

Brighton, UK

The Sedona Method has been quite amazing for me.
Long held issues have finally been released and I feel a sense of peace. It’s simple and yet profound.
Maya has been very supportive and I would recommend her to anyone.

Herts, UK

I felt such a deep sense of relaxation and beingness.
I thought I was a fairly relaxed person generally… but as a result of the session felt a completely new experience of being.

East Sussex, UK

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