Got business goals but lacking motivation?

Are they kinda nudging you but you just can’t really be bothered to get into action?

What if you could feel far more driven & have more energy to get that shit done?

One of the things I talk about a lot is having clarity around your business goals. Your mind has to have a super clear idea of what it’s aiming for in order to aim for it.

But another basic rule is, that your mind also has to feel super excited, happy & attracted to achieving the goal.

It has to find it sexy – just SO irresistible that it’ll do everything it can to get it. Even things that might feel a bit uncomfortable at first.

But more often than not, the business goals you set are not that exciting in themselves, they’re just a means to an end result you’re actually after.

So to create higher motivation in your mind you really need to be clear on that result, which is the VALUE of achieving the goal.

You wanna clearly identify – what exactly would getting what you want do for you? What would you be getting out of it?

And this value is actually A FEELING – not a thing!

Because ultimately, your experience is what you’re feeling, not the external ‘what’s going on’.

So as a business owner, obviously you aim to build a successful, sustainable biz & make good money.

But subconsciously, we know these business goals haven’t got real value, they’re only a means. Business & money mean nothing other than what they allow us to do or experience.

That’s why it’s often not sexy enough to get you into consistent action. Your mind isn’t super-charged or fired-up enough.


So how do you make your business goals HOT?

Get clear on what the feeling-value is and associate it with the goal.

For example, if your goal is to make X amount of money in your biz and to buy that dream-home by this time next year, get clear on what that’ll give you.

Maybe it’s a feeling of safety or security for your future. Maybe it’s peace of mind or freedom, knowing there’s no rent to pay ever again.

Maybe it’s feeling fun & creative – designing your home-space and enjoying it as your own.

Maybe it’s a feeling of warmth or love – being able to make that home into that perfect fluffy, welcoming space for you, your partner, friends or family and enjoying meaningful times there.

When you think about or visualise these (as best you can, imagine these as strongly and clearly as possible), aren’t they more attractive to you?

Don’t they bring up much more feelings of excitement and fun than ‘making X money’?

So even though you do also need specific, measurable aims, the value is far sexier to your mind than those more concrete or apparent achievements.

So get clear on and remind yourself often of that feeling-value that makes you happy & excited.

Make your goals so hot, so irresistible, that your mind will do everything in its power (and it’s GOT power!) to help you get them!

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