Sedona releasing programmes

The power of Letting Go
Be finally free  of all your baggae & stories

Sedona releasing special programmes

* Sedona Method sessions do not need to be business-mindset related. They are available to anyone!

The 6-Session Sedona method programme

This program is a simple step-by-step process. Each session builds on the last.

After only 6 weeks, you can expect to experience some profound changes in yourself and life around you. Most people begin to feel shifts almost instantly during and after their first session.

You’ll be going through the different Sedona Releasing techniques, applying them to your specific goals, and it doesn’t matter if blocks are conscious or not.

Creating your new story starts here.

Over 6 sessions of Sedona Releasing, you will:

 Let go of any unwanted & uncomfortable or self-sabotaging feelings as well as hidden ones you may not be aware of

Take control of your thinking patterns and remove negative beliefs that are creating pain or not serving your goals.

Bring peace, love or acceptance into your current & past relationships, with others as well as yourself.

Release the stuff you want. Achieve goals more easily, effortlessly & quickly. The missing piece for affirmations work!

Get crystal clarity & unobstructed intuition for easy decision making.

Change unwanted habits and let go of attachments.

Develop clear self-awareness – know exactly why you do things & how to stop doing stuff that doesn’t serve you.

You’ll go through all this step-by-step, so that the tools are clear & easy for you to work with on your own, for the rest of your life!

The 2-day VIP Sedona Releasing Programme

This is your VIP, personal 2-day retreat!
Covering everything that’s on the 6-session program, only faster and more condensed.

10am-6pm, with breaks of course!

I recommend having at least a week in between the 2 days but this is up to you.

* Option for doing this in person at your home, office or other convenient location.

In this present moment, you are already free.

“Wanting to go deeper into the Releasing process, I contacted Maya… I would like to say a big thank you for the 2-day programme, I released a lot of stuff! The main thing I noticed after the second day was that my high anxiety about money was no longer with me!… I feel a lot more positive about things in life… I was quite amazed!”

Helen C.

Slough, UK

“…The programme has been one of the best experiences of my life! The Sedona Method has showed me the way of releasing old feelings… I now know what I want to do with my life! After the third session I managed to release all of what was hurting me or stopping me from taking decisions… I now enjoy a peaceful state of mind. Thanks Maya you have been an amazing guide!”

Krika K.

Brighton, UK

The 5th Way of Sedona Releasing*

A 2-session program

* I recommend this program only if you’re already familiar with the method and have significant experience working with it, either with me or on your own.

Explore the question: is there a real ‘you’ or ‘me’?

Ideas of there not being a separate ‘me’ and how ‘forgetting’ this can lead to unnecessary discomfort or suffering are not new. They’ve been discussed in many teachings & philosophies thousands of years old.

Using the 5th way of Sedona Releasing, you can experience this concept for yourself in a direct, practical & simple way.

This continues your self-exploration & allows you to directly know your basic and always-present freedom & unlimited nature!

The most powerful, EFFORTLESS tool for mindset mastery
and emotional control.

“There was a real breakthrough, that I really can change negative beliefs and that there is a simple & effective means to work with them.

What impressed me the most is the ease… This really was quick. It was great! I love the simplicity…”
Frances Adamson

Ontario, Canada

“I was impressed by how easy the process was & how powerful. Thank you so much for all your time. Loved the process. Loved meeting & working with you!”

Alex Bannard

Cornwall, UK

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