How to Overcome Fear – an interview with
Billion Success magazine


Honoured to have been featured in the Billion Success Magazine on the topic of How to Overcome Fear, which all biz owners struggle with – new as well as already established ones.

This magazine aims to support new and aspiring entrepreneurs & authors and I’m so happy to have been able to contribute and share some of my knowledge.

In the interview and video, I give you 5 tips you can start implementing straight away to overcome fear in your business as well as a little about my own story.

I also share why your business success is not something to take personally and what personal success means to me instead.

Read it right here. 

I know you’ll find this useful.

And if you’ve missed my last post on fear & self-sabotage; why you keep doing it to yourself and how to stop – you can check that out here. 


Overcome fear - 5 tips | Billion Success Maya Zack