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Your money making potential is completely dependent on your money beliefs!

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What you’ll get out of this guide:

  • DISCOVER the money beliefs that are GUARANTEED to MAKE OR BREAK your biz.
  • UNCOVER EXACTLY what money blocks are holding you back, making you struggle or UNKNOWINGLY self-sabotage your biz.
  • SUPER-CLARITY on what empowering beliefs you can focus on instead to BECOME truly UNSTOPPABLE! 

Hey, I’m Maya.

I’m an expert mindset trainer and I’ve helped hundreds of women wanting to set up their own biz to work whenever & from wherever they want.

My clients completely change their psychological set-up, become their next-level, unstoppable selves, super-charged to take high-impact ACTION.

They get SUPER-CONFIDENCE & FOCUS, without overwhelm or wasting time fighting negative mind-stories.

Successful entrepreneurs know having the right mindset & money beliefs is KEY.

To help you with YOUR money blocks, I’m sharing this guide for FREE for the first time.

So if you’re dying to share your passion with the world while making great money…

If you’re dreaming of having more FREEDOM,

Download this clear & simple guide that’ll break down your limiting money beliefs.

Maya Zack | Business mindset training | Money beliefs guide

Some of what my happy clients say

“BIG thank you… my high ANXIETY about money was NO LONGER with me! Those beliefs about money DIDN’T SEEM TRUE anymore… realising the money isn’t really the issue at all, it’s fearing being ‘more involved in life’…

With feeling STUCK & stagnant FOR YEARS, after JUST A FEW sessions, life has MIRACULOUSLY started moving again and become VERY UNSTUCK in a SHORT SPACE OF TIME & issues I’ve been struggling with for ages are FINALLY clearing.  I really feel life is flowing SO MUCH EASIER now and GREAT CHANGES seem to be falling in my lap!”

Helen C.

Slough, UK

I CANNOT DESCRIBE IN WORDS how beneficial these sessions have been to me.  I always felt STUCK…

I saw RESULTS after our first sessions; I was A LOT CALMER & OPTIMISTIC, I felt like I didn’t need anything from life or anyone… after my 2nd session, I managed to obtain necessary funds with MINIMAL EFFORT!

They’ve helped me see life differently, and it’s brought A LOT OF SUCCESS (in a VERY SHORT TIME) into my life…


Brighton, UK

“I was in a difficult place… STRUGGLING… I UNVEILED my HIDDEN BELIEFS surrounding self worth & money. I realised that, if I chose to, I COULD LET GO of a feeling / belief INSTANTANEOUSLY…

Now I feel GREAT! I feel like I’ve got a STRONG toolkit I CAN USE AT ANY TIME. Thanks so much for the sessions.”

Sion Jones

Liverpool, UK