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What you’ll get out of this unique business mindset guide:

  • UNCOVER EXACTLY where you’re stuck in each area, making you struggle or UNKNOWINGLY self-sabotage your biz & potential.
  • SUPER-CLARITY on what to focus on next to BECOME truly UNSTOPPABLE! 
  • EASILY use this guide to TRACK your PROGRESS.

Hey, I’m Maya.

I’m an expert business mindset trainer, peak-performance specialist and hypnotherapist for women entrepreneurs.

I’ve helped hundreds of women reprogram their thinking & feeling so that they EASILY take high-impact ACTION.

They get SUPER-CONFIDENCE & FOCUS, without overwhelm, doubting themselves or wasting time fighting negative mind-stories.

To do that, you FIRST need ABSOLUTE CLARITY around your blocks. Successful entrepreneurs know this is KEY.

That’s why I’m sharing this business mindset guide with you for FREE.

So if you’re dying to share your passion with the world while making great money…

If you’re dreaming of being your own boss & having more FREEDOM…

Let’s make it happen!

Download this business mindset guide that’ll break down the 11 mindset areas that’ll set you up for success & instantly kickstart your mindset makeover.

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Some of what my happy clients say

I CANNOT DESCRIBE IN WORDS how beneficial these sessions have been to me.  I always felt STUCK… I saw RESULTS after our first sessions; I was A LOT CALMER & OPTIMISTIC… They’ve helped me see life differently, and it’s brought A LOT OF SUCCESS (IN A VERY SHORT TIME) into my life…


Brighton, UK

Before the sessions I was feeling MENTALLY CLOGGED and full of RESISTANCE. I learned how much I mentally SABOTAGE MYSELF even when I’m NOT AWARE of it.

I FEEL FREE after the sessions… I was impressed by how FAST the work was… Thank you Maya!

Sat P.

California, USA