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🔥 New You mindset affirmations – expand your self-image and claim your 6-figure biz owner shoes!

🔥 Sales & impact affirmations – power up your sales game with fearless confidence and serving from the heart.

🔥 Tough Cookie mindset affirmations –  step into unshakeable strength to win over any challenges that come your way.

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Winner of the prestige award 2022 and 2023/24 Personal Development Coach of the Year for
London & the South East

Maya Zack business mindset coach for entrepreneurs
Maya Zack business mindset coach for entrepreneurs
Maya Zack award-winning mindset coach | Mindset affirmations free download

3 Beautiful audios designed to help you make more impact & more money.

 Crank up your self-worth & self-belief and let go of what doesn’t serve you.

Sell with confidence, charge what you want and & attract dream clients.

Get clear focus, welcome challenges & turn setbacks into opportunities.

How you speak to yourself around who you are and what you can achieve detremines the outcomes you’re getting.

Revolutionise your self-image to upgrade your business & income.

“Over the following months, I saw rapid results – increased commissions and collectors of my work.”

Fleur Deakin


I’m flourishing, building sustainable income streams. I’ve been featured in Marie-Claire, Stylist, Metro and the Telegraph about my transformation!”

Shruti Srivastava

London, UK

Life changing! I’m much closer to launching than I ever thought I’d be by now… It would’ve taken me years.

Marina Frangipani

Brighton, UK

Powered by a mind programmed for success, what could you achieve?

More impact. More sales. More money.

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Hey, I’m Maya

I’m your go-to mindset expert, a multi award-winning coach and hypnotherapist.

I LOVE helping incredible, ambitious women entrepreneurs like you, show up at their strongest and brightest… to get clients, make more impact and more money in their business.

My work has been featured in all sorts of places, including The Authority Magazine and Thrive Global… because I’ve worked with hundreds of women, teaching them exactly how to build a profitable online business using the power of their subconscious mind.

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Your level of success you create using my products, services, and information depends on, but is not limited to, the time and effort you put into the programme(s) and courses and into implementing them in your life and business. Your results also depend on your strategic sales & marketing planning and action-taking. While I make every effort to ensure that I accurately represent your potential for income, earnings and income statements made by Maya Zack are estimates only of what I think you can possibly earn. 

Maya Zack | business mindset guide | peak performance coaching for women entrepreneurs