The Ultimate Magnetic Visibility Guide

Imagine being seen as the
go-to person in your niche,
your dream clients dying
to work with you.

Take this visibility audit to close your visibility gaps,
and discover your next steps to be seen and
attract more clients!

Your dream clients don’t just buy your service, they buy YOU!

Confidently and effortlessly attract more clients with your

Free Magnetic Visibility Guide | Maya Zack award-winning mindset coach

Take the eye-opening visibility audit and discover the EXACT visibility gaps preventing you from being seen as the go-to person in your niche.

Get crystal clear on your hidden impact potential you never knew you had, inspiring others and leaving a lasting mark. It’s closer than you think!

Your foolproof, magnetic visibility mindset checklist to drop your visibility blocks, step into the spotlight and naturally draw your audience in!

Sound familiar?

You know you have something special to offer the world and you want to make an impact. You’re brilliant at what you do, and you put your heart & soul into creating amazing offers.

But then… you seem to be stuck at the same income level, and it feels like a constant ‘chase’. 

And maybe, deep down, you know there are fears in your way of standing out. You feel overwhelmed, and like you’re wasting time while watching others out there making it big.

It makes you question yourself and wonder if you’re good enough to ever achieve your dream goals.

Truth is…

You can be great at what you do. But if your audience doesn’t know about you, nobody is going to buy.

If they don’t see you as a go-to person, they’re not going to buy.

This doesn’t have to be your story.

Allow yourself to fully step into the spotlight. Be that person who pops up everywhere in your niche. Share your message with passion that naturally draws your audience in.

Magnetic visibility is where your next sales are at.

Your audience is looking for a go-to person.

That person could be YOU.

“Maya helped me break through my fear of social media, posting and engaging. My confidence grew and new habits formed. I saw rapid results – increased commissions and collectors of my work.”

Fleur Deakin


I was burnt out, unsure of myself full of limiting beliefs. Now I’m flourishing, building sustainable income streams. I’ve been featured in Marie-Claire, Stylist, Metro and the Telegraph about my transformation!

Shruti Srivastava

London, UK

My self-worth and fear were in my way. I’m communicating more openly… situations that used to make me super nervous and uncomfortable changed like magic! It would’ve taken me years!

Marina Frangipani

Brighton, UK

Hey, I’m Maya

I’m your go-to mindset expert, a multi award-winning coach and hypnotherapist.

I LOVE helping incredible, ambitious women entrepreneurs like you, show up at their strongest and brightest… to get clients, make more impact and more money in their business.

My work has been featured in all sorts of places, including The Authority Magazine and Thrive Global… because I’ve worked with hundreds of women, teaching them exactly how to build a profitable online business using the power of their subconscious mind.

Winner of the prestige awards 2022 and 2023/4
Personal development coach of the year
for London & the south east

Maya Zack | Award winning personal development and mindset coach

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