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Public Speaking Training

Why take public speaking training?

The fear of public speaking consistently tops the list of people’s biggest fears according to surveys – it’s even worse than death!

About 75% of people at some point in their lives experience fear of public speaking.

And almost everyone suffers different levels of stress when giving speeches or presentations.

This makes you less effective at delivering your message and at appearing as an authority in your field – even if otherwise you’re super-great at what you do.

Although some might be more naturally talented, most successful speakers have gone through some kind of public speaking training.

It’s super important for business, but also studies, performance or even social interaction.

In business, the fear of public speaking can be around live presentations, but also online, now more than ever – in videos, webinars, podcasts or live streams.

Public speaking training & coaching for business women | Maya Zack

So being great at public speaking is one of the most significant things you can do to set you apart in your business, to make a bigger impact, bring you more clients, more networking opportunities & more success.

So how can I help you with public speaking training?

One of the main tools you can use to become more confident and successful in your public speaking is the power of visualisation & positive expectation.

People at the top of their game know this little but crucial fact.

This is true for entrepreneurs, executives, sales people, athletes or performers envisioning themselves achieving their goals.

This is because the emotional part of your mind doesn’t know the difference between real & imagined experiences.

So by rehearsing your public speaking event in your mind as a positive experience, your mind accepts it as true, and makes yourself a more confident, powerful & charismatic speaker.

Public speaking training | Business mindset coaching for women Maya Zack

But how is my public speaking training different?

In my public speaking training, we’ll be using tools that create these images & positive expectations on a subconscious level.

So using tools to access this deeper level, you’ll be able to far more easily visualise & experience these positive images – without the contradicting interruption of negative mind-chat. 

You’ll quickly dissolve fears & beliefs that are preventing you from feeling confident.


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