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Mindset Training Events

Online *FREE* Lockdown support

As we’re all experiencing different challenges at this time, I feel a strong calling to support my online community.

I’m continuing to hold FREE online group support sessions to help you relieve and release any stress, fear, grief, overwhelm, resistance to the situation or anything else you might be going through or find challenging right now.

Going through intense waves of emotion at this time is something we can all relate to. And whatever these feelings might be, they’re all valid.

But we are still, for the *most part*, left with a choice – MUST we suffer, or is the suffering optional?

So join me for these sessions where I’ll help you, using practical tools you’ll easily be able to DIY, to more consciously and effortlessly make that choice.

Next session TBC. I will send the link out by email as well as post in my fb events so please either sign up to my newsletter (scroll down) or follow me on fb.

See you there.

Mindset training events – Sedona Method™

The Power of Letting Go.

In these workshops I introduce the Sedona Method and the very interesting ideas behind it, as well as demonstrate the basic tools.

These are currently held online.

Thur the 25th of June 6-8pm @ The Light Centre online £25

Thur the 6th of Aug 2-4pm @ Anahata Health Centre online £20

Mon the 10th of Aug 6-8pm @ Anahata Health Centre online £20

To book your place, please get in touch using the form below, or you can book your ticket through the centres’ event pages.

See you there!


Mindset training events – hypnosis


Introduction to Self-Hypnosis

Would you like to know how to communicate with your subconscious mind?

Discover how to use it as a powerful tool.

Have it working on your side and serving you rather than controlling you or appearing to be putting obstacles in your way!

On this one-day workshop you will learn the basics of self-hypnosis.

You’ll learn how you can easily take yourself into the hypnotic state all on your own and how to best use it to make meaningful changes in your life.

Whether it’s your business or work, health, relationships, creativity, or personal development you’re wanting to work on, self-hypnosis will significantly empower you and allow you to bring your visions & goals to life, accessing and re-programming subconscious information.

I will also give you an effective and great way to relax and let go of any stress, while allowing you to keep focused on your goals, increase motivation, and get peace and clarity no matter what your specific intentions are.

In this fun, informal and practical workshop you will learn:

  • The basic ‘rules of the mind’ and how it works
  • The language of the mind and how to use it best
  • What is the hypnotic trance experience
  • How to take yourself into hypnotic trance
  • Setting goals
  • Suggestions, affirmations and visualizations – and how to make them work best for you
  • How to best incorporate and integrate this tool into your daily life


Next available dates:
2020 TBC 10am-5pm – £65 or £55 Early bird

Ditch Your Limiting Beliefs!

Have you ever wondered why it is that when we look at a child we see in front of us someone whose future is wide open, who’s got infinite possibilities ahead of them?

If you look more closely, you might notice that it’s not because they’ve started life a certain number of years later than you.

It’s cuz they haven’t yet got any belief systems in place. So as they don’t believe in anything in particular, anything can happen.

But as we grow older, we start accumulating experiences and we create beliefs, based on subjective experiences, on our own learnings and teachings we’ve received.

We take them on and adopt them as true. And the more beliefs we accumulate, the more narrow our paths become.

Would you like to remove these ‘filters’ to reality?

You can get back to that state of ’emptiness’ and endless possibility of a future wide open! 

In this fun and experiential workshop you’ll learn self-hypnosis tools as well as other techniques to identify and change your limiting beliefs that have been standing in your way of achieving your goals.

Letting go of these limitations you’ll find new opportunities opening up before you, whether it’s your own confidence or possibilities outside of you. 

This will allow you to more easily go after and achieve what you really want in life, as well as experience more peace, clarity and acceptance towards the things as they are.

In this informal and fun day you will learn:

  • Truth or False? What are beliefs and how to identify limiting ones
  • Basic rules of the mind
  • Basics of self-hypnosis
  • How to break through your limiting beliefs: de-programme!
  • How to create new, empowering ones: re-programme!
  • Setting your goals effectively
  • How to deal with doubt
  • How to integrate this into your daily life

I recommend taking the Introduction to Self-Hypnosis workshop before embarking on this journey, as it will allow you a deeper exploration of these topics. However this is up to you and you are welcome to join even if you have not attended this.

Next available dates:
2020 TBC 10am-5pm £65 or £55 Early bird

Sign up now to both workshops and pay  £110 instead of £130! 

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