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introduction to the Sedona Method™

The Power of Letting Go.

In these interactive workshops I introduce the Sedona Method, the very interesting ideas behind it, and demonstrate the basic tools, working on your personal goals.

This can be entirely content-free so you won’t need to share anything you don’t want to! 

Next one coming up:

Thur the 29th of Oct 6-8.30pm – online

Investment: only £25

Your ROI: Super-powerful DIY tools you can use for life!

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Mindset training events – hypnosis


Introduction to Self-Hypnosis

Discover how to communicate with your subconscious mind – your most powerful tool!

On this one-day workshop you will learn the basics of self-hypnosis.

Find out how you can easily take yourself into the hypnotic state & how to best use it.

Whatever your goals are, self-hypnosis will significantly empower you & allow you to bring your visions to life, accessing and re-programming subconscious information.

In this fun, informal & practical workshop you’ll learn:

  • The must-know ‘rules of the mind’ 
  • The language of the mind & how to use it best
  • How to take yourself into hypnotic trance
  • Setting goals – the correct way!
  • Suggestions, affirmations & visualizations – and how to super-charge them
  • How to best integrate this tool into your daily life


Next available dates:
2020 TBC 10am-5pm

Ditch Your Limiting Beliefs!

Ever wondered why it is that when we look at a child we see in front of us someone whose future is wide open to infinite possibilities?

If you look more closely, you’ll notice that it’s not because they’ve started life a certain number of years later than you.

It’s cuz they haven’t yet got belief systems in place.

So as they don’t believe in anything in particular, anything can happen!

But as we grow older, the more beliefs we accumulate, the more narrow our paths become.

Would you like to remove your ‘filters’ to reality?

Discover how to get back to ’emptiness’ & endless possibility of a future wide open!

In this fun and experiential workshop you’ll learn self-hypnosis tools as well as other techniques to identify & change your limiting beliefs.

As a result, you’ll find new opportunities, whether it’s your own confidence or possibilities outside of you!

You’ll be able to more easily go after & achieve your goals, as well as experience more peace, clarity & acceptance towards things as they are.

In this informal and fun day you will learn:

  • Truth or False? What are beliefs & how to identify limiting ones
  • Basic rules of the mind & self-hypnosis
  • De-programme – break through your limiting beliefs!
  • Re-programme – create new, empowering ones!
  • Setting your goals effectively
  • How to deal with doubt
  • How to integrate this into your daily life

I highly recommend taking the Intro to Self-Hypnosis workshop before this one, as it will allow you a deeper exploration of these topics. But this is up to you and you’re welcome to join either way!

Next available dates:
2020 TBC 10am-5pm

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