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The complete business mindset makeover

The insecure to super-sure programme

Is this business mindset training programme right for you?

This 3-month business mindset coaching programme is for you if you are


  • Wanting to set up or have just started your online business
  • Already an online-business owner fighting inner battles and struggling to move forward
  • An entrepreneur feeling stuck or wanting to take your confidence mindset and your biz to a new level

what you and your business need are clarity, focus, super-confidence in yourself & continuous motivation.That, along with a clear strategic plan and practical biz growth steps to move forward.

It’s a winning combo.




You might feel excited and inspired at times. But as I’m sure you know, excitement and inspiration don’t last. After some time they turn into slump, over and over again. You go back to day-dreaming.

In this business mindset training programme, you‘ll upgrade and re-programme your whole way of thinking and feeling about yourself and your business.

You’ll be able to focus on the practical sides of your dream-business and get on with that never-ending to-do list without having to struggle with negative mind-blocks that keep holding you back.

You’ll stop wasting your time.


If you want to stay on track and really move forward, you need to turn your focus and motivation into a habit, second nature.


Are you struggling with…?

  • Overwhelm or stress
  • Fear
  • Lack of self-belief
  • Lack of focus or clarity
  • Procrastination or lack of motivation
  • Negative self-talk
    and other inner limitations…

This business mindset training programme brings together the very best tools and covers all the areas you need for getting bigger results and deeper transformation in your business mindset.

You’ll be covering:

  • Stress, overwhelm & procrastination
  • Resistances to technology or social media
  • Issues around sales & marketing
  • Money mindset blocks
  • Communication & authenticity
  • Resilience & problem solving
  • Super-confidence and unshakable self-belief!

In order for your business to grow, you must also be ready to grow, big-time.

To have a successful business, you need to become that business woman with a confident, resilient and success-focused mindset.

In this business mindset coaching programme, you’ll be creating, step by step and with my full support, that whole, future version of yourself you’ve been day-dreaming about for so long.

There’s no going around this – it’s the #1 must-have for any entrepreneur.

And I can help you.


How is this different to other business mindset coaching programmes?

You need to have a mindset that makes ‘going for it’ automatic. This is key to continuous productive action.

Real and permanent change which makes things automatic always happens on a deeper, SUBCONSCIOUS level.

So you need to communicate with your subconscious and work together with it, because it’s in charge.

Otherwise, you’ll find yourself going round in circles.

For example, it’s not enough that you understand you can build a successful business. You have to subconsciously and fully BELIEVE it. One of the things we cover in-depth in the programme is how to drop limiting beliefs, often in just a few mins.

It’s really important that you understand how essential this is.

You MUST have a confident, strong subconscious mind working on your side rather than against you or your conscious goals.

This business mindset training programme does exactly that. And this is why it is different to other programmes out there that require far more work and effort to create and reinforce BIG long-term changes.

You’ll use simple tools that cut straight to your subconscious, so it will be on your side.

Results will be faster and easier.

Another super-bonus is that I have extensive knowledge of sales & marketing strategies, so along with the mindset skills to tackle these, you’ll also get tons of practical tips & plans for taking your next steps. 

The Sedona Method™

The fast, simple yet profound, most effective tool for letting go of mental or emotional blocks, baggage & beliefs.


The powerful and direct way of accessing & communicating with your subconscious to make real, lasting change.

Why do you need a long-term business mindset training programme, aren’t a few sessions enough?


Sure, short-term mindset coaching can also create meaningful long-lasting changes. Usually when dealing with smaller, more specific issues.

But if you’re like most online business owners, there are many areas you might want to shift. These are usually all interconnected.

It’s also natural to experience temporary set-backs later on, face new challenges, or simply have new goals. So then you come back for more.

This is why you don’t want a quick fix that only takes you part of the way.

You also don’t want to mess around anymore with all sorts of low-cost offerings like books, recordings or even a weekend-long seminar.

They might seem appealing, but the inspiration doesn’t last.

You want the very best, most effective solution with the highest level of support – an expert to hold your hand and guide you to your destination, ALL the way.

So even though this might be a longer-term programme, it’s still short when you consider the fact you’re creating subconscious changes.

And it’s still very short in comparison to TIME YOU’VE PROBABLY BEEN WASTING and will continue to waste if you don’t get into action now.

big results

So bigger results take consistent and continuous focus, clarity, accountability and true commitment. Not just a few hours’ work.

Diving in much deeper, you can completely change your whole ‘settings’.

And you’re tired of trying to figure things out on your own. You know you need expert help, because it’s clear to you that what you’re doing now isn’t working and isn’t getting you the results you want.

It’s because of this that you now want someone who can help you go all the way. Not just part of the way, not just a session or a few hours of someone’s time.

This is why I’ve created this business mindset coaching programme – for those who are serious about going deeper and further.

I want you to be successful.

I want changes to sink in so deeply on a subconscious level, that they will become a natural part of your new, future Self.

These new ways of thinking and feeling will become automatic so that you don’t have to be pulled back over and over again into repeating blocks of the past.

I also promise you, it will be fun!

I am super happy I have had you as my mindset coach.

Before our sessions [I was] always a bit lost, not sure, lack of focus and foggy mind, doubting myself.

I learned to allow myself to release feelings, emotions and patterns which do not serve me anymore…. The sessions were ‘Aha’ moments for me. After all sessions I felt so much calmer, complete, grounded, with clear mind, increased focused and full of energy.

The best bit was when I repeated the [self-limiting] statements and there was no more emotional connection to them. Noticing the changes in my daily behaviour, thoughts and actions, and seeing that even my body language has changed after the sessions – incredible.


You are one truly inspirational and amazing woman. Your work, words and energy are so uplifting, genuine, encouraging and inspiring too. Just continue to be you, Maya. You are Incredible.

Kremena Angelova

London, UK

So why take the longer road on your own when you can get it done now, faster and easier?

Are you committed to your dream, or just wishing it?


If you’re willing to invest in your future self, you can expect big returns.

And better to do this now. Not next year when this or that is in place. Not six months from now. Not six weeks from now.


If you don’t commit to it now and keep pushing it forward to some other day when ‘you’ll be ready’, that day will probably never come.

Successful and confident people are those who jump in and just go for it. With full commitment, while investing in expert support.

So if you’re finally ready to say YES to your dream and future self – book your FREE breakthrough session with me right now.

So this is for you if you want


  • An expert who knows how to achieve your goals as quickly & easily as possible. Because you don’t want to have to sort through all the info out there trying to figure out for yourself the best way.


  • Encouragement at every step. BIG changes WILL naturally bring up fear. So close support is super important. I’ll be there to pick you up when you’re down or get you going again when you’re feeling stuck. Most people doing it alone don’t end up going all the way.


  • Someone to hold you accountable, to kick your ass when you don’t feel like doing the work. That s(h)elf-help book or inspiration-app just won’t cut it.


  • Clear and step-by-step guidance, so that you know exactly what to focus on next. Lack of clarity prevents from moving forward. It drains your motivation and energy and creates more overwhelm.


  • Tools you can easily also use on your own.

you want results, fast.


Working with an expert will get you to where you wanna go faster than on your own, taking a tiny step here and there.

It’s completely normal to feel doubtful – yes, it’s a big investment & long’ish-term commitment.

So I understand there’s fear about what to expect and whether you’ll be getting what you want.

But, doubt also probably means this programme might be just what you need, because these doubts are exactly what’s been keeping you where you are.

And fears will always be there – it’s a natural part of BIG change.

But you want to be sure this is right for you, and that we’re a good fit to work together.

And so do I.

I want to know that you are committed as I am to your goals.


This is why, I invite you to book your FREE Power Session session with me!

This session will help you to feel clear & confident that you’re making the right choice.

Your free power session


During this FREE 60min online session you will:

  • Create a crystal clear vision of what you want
  • Uncover any hidden blocks standing in your way or taking away your energy and motivation.
  • Get a clear plan of what you’ll be working on throughout the business mindset training programme.

You’ll leave the session renewed and inspired!


Take advantage of this free session if you feel it’s time to finally turn things around.

I only offer a few of these sessions per week so book yours NOW. 

Enough with the waiting!

What about the financial investment?

I get that you’re feeling nervous about putting yourself out there or being seen or allowing yourself to shine.

I also understand that you’re feeling anxious about investing in a mindset coaching programme like this.

And although you might of course feel pressured spending money, I know it’s not just about that.

It’s really about saying YES



to living & working on your own terms.


YES to a new you & being your own boss. YES to your dreams. This time ~ FOR REAL ~


So imagine you’re feeling super confident and comfortable in yourself.

No more worrying, fearing, judging, procrastinating or fantasizing.

Instead, you take consistent positive & productive action for your dream business.

You live in a state of INTENTION & CREATIVITY rather than regret and constant negative mind-chat.

Being productive, you also have more free time to just enjoy life!

So are you finally ready to do something different?


By the end of the programme, things will be running on automatic.

You’ll accomplish stuff that’s probably been dragging on for far TOO LONG.

And not only will you be way ahead on your bigger-picture path, but you’ll also have tools FOR LIFE to fall back on to achieve other goals, or deal with any setbacks or challenging times. 

I know what it’s like to be where you are.

I’ve already done my time figuring out how to break through it.

I’ve learned it the harder and longer way, so now you don’t have to.

get clear, get confident & get going!

Let’s chat!

Ready to leave fear & procrastination behind you  but got questions about this programme? I’d love to hear from you!