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insecure to super-sure program

this ultimate entrepreneur mindset program will make you unstoppable

You want more FREEDOM! Yep, I know.

The freedom to be your own boss, set your own rules, work from anywhere & have more free time.

This 3-month VIP entrepreneur mindset coaching program is for you if you are:


  • Just starting out
  • Already set up but fighting inner battles & struggling to move forward
  • An entrepreneur feeling stuck or you wanna take your confidence mindset & biz to a new level

What you need is clarity, focus, super-confidence in yourself & continuous motivation.

That, along with a clear strategic plan & practical biz growth steps to move forward.

It’s a winning combo.

In this entrepreneur mindset training program, you’ll upgrade and reprogram your whole way of thinking and feeling about your business.

You’ll be able to focus on the practical sides of your dream-biz and get on with high-impact action without struggling with mind-blocks that keep holding you back.


You’ll stop wasting your time.

As an online biz owner, you might have to put yourself out there as the face of your service or product.


Entrepreneur mindset confidence coaching for women | Maya Zack

You might wanna

  • Create your brand (and website).
  • Create email or social media marketing campaigns.
  • Make videos or webinars.
  • Participate in online discussions, podcasts, or post in groups or forums.
  • Attend networking events to promote yourself.
  • Give public talks, presentations, or run events.
  • Have sales conversations.
  • Learn. Whether it’s HOW to create or use the above strategies, or whether it’s tech, sales & marketing or other skills.

So you need to be confident, organised, focused & clear to be able to take strategic action steps. Continuously. No matter what.

Once your mindset blocks are out of your way, you can easily get into a FLOW state.

There’s no going around it – building & keeping the right mindset is the #1 must-have for any entrepreneur.

I’ll help you do this.


What we’ll be covering, step-by-step:

Money mindset 

You wanna make more money.

To do that, you simply HAVE TO have the entrepreneur mindset and remove any mental or emotional blocks around it.

Successful entrepreneurs have positive attitudes & beliefs around money.

You need to FEEL GREAT aspiring to and BELIEVING YOU CAN & DESERVE to have it. You also need the confidence to charge, ask, receive, invest or spend it.


Maybe you feel that your real self isn’t good enough.

You might be sabotaging yourself unconsciously believing you can’t achieve what you want.

Maybe you compare yourself to others, struggle with decision making, lack confidence in your offer or feel like your self-worth or wellbeing is dependent on achieving your goals.

You HAVE TO change all this if you wanna get unstuck.

And you need to have practical & effective tools to turn any doubts or fears (that will come up as you grow!) into courage & motivation.


You also wanna be honest & authentic in your biz and be able to communicate effectively to your audience.

Authentic businesses inspire and grow.

Especially now, with so much online overload, people are more drawn to what’s more genuine.

But you might be feeling fear or resistance around being yourself in your sales & marketing or presenting yourself online.

If you’ve got a product rather than service-based biz, you still wanna communicate your values, mission & purpose.

This is cuz you wanna form real connections with your customers or followers.

Entrepreneur mindset confidence coaching for women | Maya Zack
Entrepreneur mindset confidence coaching for women | Maya Zack

being confident & authentic in your biz will help you to

  • Stand out above the competition.
  • Create a more influential image & brand by being your consistent self.
  • Connect on a more meaningful level with your ideal clients, turning more of them into customers.
  • Create trust – in that you offer value & quality.
  • Increase your passion and motivation for your biz and your own sense of mission.

Clear strategic Action 

It’s easy to get lost, confused or overwhelmed by all those things you wanna do or think you need to do.

To stay on track, you need to get rid of fears or resistances around some of those action steps.

But you also need CLARITY; over what you actually wanna create, who you wanna serve, where you’re going or what that involves.

So a rock solid confident entrepreneur mindset is essential, but you also need a clear & SIMPLE biz strategy you can easily follow.

Working on your mindset while creating a strategic plan that’s RIGHT FOR YOU (forget what ‘everybody else is doing’!) will allow you to hit your goals in the EASIEST & FASTEST WAY.

To keep moving forward, you need to turn your focus & motivation into a habit, automatic behaviour.


This is how working with me is different to other entrepreneur mindset coaching programs

You need to have a mindset that makes ‘going for it’ AUTOMATIC. This is KEY to continuous productivity.

This permanent change happens on a deeper, SUBCONSCIOUS level.

You need a strong subconscious mind working on your side, ALIGNED with your conscious goals. Because it’s the one in charge!

If you don’t work together with it – you’ll find yourself going round in circles, or working far harder & longer to create BIG long-term changes.

I use the Sedona Method™ & hypnosis as part of my coaching. These are simple but powerful tools that hit straight where it really matters!

Why do you need a long-term program, aren’t a few sessions enough to get the entrepreneur mindset?


Sure, short-term mindset coaching can also create meaningful long-term changes. Usually when dealing with more specific issues.

But most biz owners struggle in many areas, usually all interconnected.

It’s also natural to experience temporary set-backs later on, face new challenges, or simply have new goals. So then they come back for more.

This is why you want help that covers it all & takes you ALL the way.

You also don’t wanna mess around anymore with low-cost or quick-fix offerings that don’t last.

You want the very best, most effective solution with the highest level of support – an expert to hold your hand and guide you to your destination.


So even though this might be longer-term, it’s short when you consider you’re creating lasting subconscious changes.

It’s also still very short in comparison to TIME YOU’VE PROBABLY BEEN WASTING and will continue to waste if you don’t get into action now.

Entrepreneur biz mindset coach for women | Maya Zack

big results

So bigger results, where you go in much deeper & completely change your whole ‘settings’, take a longer commitment

And I know it’s tiring trying to do it on your own. I’ve been there. You know you need expert help, cuz it’s clear to you that what you’re doing now isn’t getting the results you want.

It’s cuz of this that you now want help. Not just taking you part of the way, not just a session or a few hours of someone’s time.

So this business mindset coaching program is for you if you’re genuinely serious about stepping up & making shit happen.

I want you to be successful.

I want changes to sink in so deeply, that they become a NATURAL part of the ‘new you’ – that awesome, confident entrepreneur!

I also promise you, it’ll be fun!

Confidence and Business mindset coaching for women | Maya Zack

“Before the sessions I was feeling stuck, unmotivated, walking in circles. Not sure if I was up to doing anything successful. I’ve gained inspiration & know that with a little bit each day, one foot in front of the other instead of gigantic steps all will unfold as necessary. I’m feeling very positive.

The skills I have learnt from Maya have allowed me to step back & take a simple approach to removing obstacles/blocks within the mind.

Maya’s patience & professionalism was one of a kind. I liked how Maya approached the session with me each time I met with her & I looked forward to my sessions with her.”

Estelle Harman

Tauranga, New Zealand

“I am super happy I’ve had you as my mindset coach.

Before our sessions [I was] always a bit lost, not sure, lack of focus & foggy mind, doubting myself.

The sessions were ‘Aha’ moments for me… I felt so much calmer, grounded, with clear mind, increased focused & full of energy.

The best bit was when I repeated [self-limiting] statements and there was no more emotional connection to them. Noticing changes in my daily behaviour, thoughts & actions, and seeing that even my body language changed after the sessions – incredible.


You are one truly inspirational and amazing woman. Your work, words & energy are so uplifting, genuine, encouraging and inspiring. Just continue to be you, Maya. You are Incredible.”

Kremena Angelova

London, UK

So why take the longer road on your own when you can get the entrepreneur mindset now, faster & easier?

Are you a wantrepreneur or entrepreneur?


If you’re willing to invest in yourself & your biz, you can expect big returns.

And better to do this now. Not next year when this or that is in place. Not six months from now. Not six weeks from now.


Cuz if you keep pushing it forward to some day when ‘you’ll be ready’, that day will probably never come.

Those who make shit happen are those who jump in and go for it while investing in expert support to keep them accountable and on track.

So if you’re finally ready to say YES to your dream & future self – book your FREE breakthrough session with me right now to see is we’re a good fit to work together.

Get on this entrepreneur mindset program if you want:


  • An expert who knows how to achieve your goals as quickly & easily as possible. Cuz you don’t wanna  try to figure it out on your own.
  • Encouragement at every step. BIG changes will naturally bring up fear. So close support is important. I’ll pick you up when you’re down or get you going again when feeling stuck. Most entrepreneurs doing it alone don’t end up going all the way.
  • Someone to hold you accountable, to kick your ass when you don’t feel like doing the work. That s(h)elf-help book or inspiration-app just won’t cut it.
  • Clear & step-by-step guidance, so that you know exactly what to focus on next. Lack of clarity drains your motivation & energy and creates overwhelm.
  • Powerful mindset tools you can easily also use on your own.

Sounds awesome… But you’re not sure about this.

Coaching program for biz women | Maya Zack

Working with an expert will definitely get you to where you wanna go FASTER.

It’s completely normal to feel doubts – yes, it’s an investment & commitment.

So I understand there’s fear about what to expect & if you’ll be getting what you want.

But doubts also often mean this is just what you need, cuz they’re exactly what’s been keeping you stuck.

But you wanna be sure this is right for you & that we’re a good fit to work together.

And so do I.

I wanna know you’re 100% committed to your goals.


This is why, I invite you to book your FREE Power Session session with me!

This session will help you to feel clear & confident that you’re making the right choice.

Your free power session

During this FREE 60min online session you will:

  • Create a clear vision of what you want (you can’t get there if you don’t know where ‘there’ is!)
  • Uncover hidden blocks standing in your way or draining your energy & motivation.
  • Break through some of the self-sabotaging stories you’ve been unknowingly telling yourself that are keeping you stuck.
  • Get a clear, step-by-step plan of what to expect if you wanna work with me, making sure you’re supported in exactly the right areas to achieve your goals faster & easier!

You’ll leave the session with more clarity, confidence & motivation to get going, and newly found strength to achieve your dream-biz goals.


With a confident entrepreneur mindset, you’ll stop dreaming & start moving, easily!
Business mindset coaching programme for women | Maya Zack

What about the financial investment?


I get that you’re feeling nervous about investing in an entrepreneur mindset coaching program like this.

And of course, starting a biz can create money-pressures altogether. But I know it’s not really just about that.

It’s really about saying YES.


to a new you & being your own boss. YES to your dreams. Yes to more freedom. This time

So imagine you feel super confident & comfortable in yourself.

No more worrying, fearing, judging, procrastinating, fantasising or regretting. 

Instead, you take consistent positive & productive action.

You live in a state of FLOW, INTENTION & CREATIVITY. 

So are you finally ready to make shit happen?


By the end of the program, you’ll be running on automatic. My clients often say to me: ‘I forgot what my issues were’!

You’ll accomplish stuff that’s probably been dragging on for far TOO LONG.

You’ll also have tools FOR LIFE to fall back on to achieve other goals, or deal with any setbacks or challenges.

Coaching program for biz women | Maya Zack

Not sure if this entrepreneur mindset program is right for you?

Book your FREE Power Session with me now or get in touch!