Perfectionism holding you back?


I’m so honoured to have been featured in Huffington’s Thrive Global magazine! I was interviewed on the topic of ‘5 Things You Need to Know to Get Past Your Perfectionism and Just Do It’.

If you also suffer from perfectionism, you experience lots of self-criticism & negative self-talk that are keeping you stuck and frustrated or always feeling like you’re not good enough or not ‘ready’…

A perfectionist is someone who feels a need to do things or complete tasks so that they are completely flawless; so that they are done so well, there’s no room for improvement. They view imperfect action or results as not being good enough or as a failure.

Perfectionists are driven by the fear of not reaching their goals. They feel or believe that they have to be perfect in order to be validated, accepted, approved of or loved.

This is very different to high achievers aspiring to be excellent at what they do, who are driven by a desire to get closer to their goals. They’re happy with any accomplishments and big or small steps made in the right direction. They can appreciate and enjoy the process itself.

So if you can relate to perfectionism – head over to the interview where I give you some tips on how to overcome it, get into a success mindset and into action!

There’s also a short video you can watch.

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