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5 Hidden Blocks
Pushing Your Income Goals Away

Blast through the invisible obstacles sabotaging your growth & success

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On this value-packed mindset masterclass, you’ll discover:

The 5 invisible mindset blocks crushing your affirmation power and keeping your goals away.

4 Power fixes to hack your subconscious & create the results you want.

The ONE missing key to master LOA, align your action and effortlessly hit your goals!

A powerful hypnotic visualisation to step into the unlimited and leave the past behind!

 BONUS: the perfect affirmation to help you instantly bypass any doubt!

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Powered by a mind programmed for success, what could you achieve?

Thing is, most people don’t get the results they want despite wanting to believe in Law of Attraction and affirmation work.


Because their subconscious thoughts and feelings are IN CONFLICT with their goals.

Let’s put you in perfect alignment.

Just imagine…

🔥  Electric self-belief & laser-focus driving your every move. You radiate and embody success, feeling like a million dollars.

🔥  You take consistent, bold, high-impact action without anything holding you back, thinking like a 6-figure leader.

🔥  Your passion is magnetic, attracting leads and dream clients every single day… an authority making an impact.

🔥  You effortlessly close sales, charge what you want and consistently attract endless money-making opportunities.

Maya Zack | Fix your mindset masterclass

Evolve into the leader everyone wants to work with.

Free Mindset masterclass

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Even the best strategy is only as good as the mindset powering it.

Does any of this resonate with you?

You struggle to show up, whether on social, video… or maybe you do, but it’s INCONSISTENT.

Sales feels hard, you worry about being ‘salesy’ or you hesitate around your offer or price.

✖ You’re overwhelmed by marketing, yet keep being pulled towards the ‘next shiny object’, looking for the 10k-month magic strategy that’ll sort you out.

✖ You know there are limiting beliefs in your way or feelings of ‘I’m not good enough’, but you figure you’ll somehow grow out of it.

✖ You love to believe in Law of Attraction, but in reality you’re stuck at your income level, not getting results.

Maya Zack | mindset masterclass | Award-winning coaching for entrepreneurs

Get your subconscious setting in sync with your conscious goals,
and watch them come into reality.

Remove resistance to becoming a profitable business owner.

Free Mindset masterclass

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Winner of the prestige award 2022 and 2023/24 Personal Development Coach of the Year for
London & the South East

Maya Zack business mindset coach for entrepreneurs
Maya Zack business mindset coach for entrepreneurs

Your level of success you create using my products, services, and information depends on, but is not limited to, the time and effort you put into the programme(s) and courses and into implementing them in your life and business. Your results also depend on your strategic sales & marketing planning and action-taking. While I make every effort to ensure that I accurately represent your potential for income, earnings and income statements made by Maya Zack are estimates only of what I think you can possibly earn. 

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