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Stressed about studies or got test-anxiety?

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The academic performance & exam preparation programme

For students, secondary schools & universities

* This exam preparation package is now available as a downloadable audio programme. Take advantage of my introductory offer and order your package now for only £149 for 3 sessions (45-60mins long each).

This programme for exam preparation & academic performance allows students to:

Academic performance programme - Maya Zack hypnotherapy Brighton & London


  • Reduce stress & anxiety.
  • Be more focused.
  • Feel confident.
  • Change negative thinking into positive self-talk.
  • Improve overall self-esteem and well-being.




  • Become more in charge of their emotional and mental state.
  • Stay calm under pressure & more easily retain and retrieve information.
  • Perform better & achieve higher marks / grades.



This exam preparation programme helps students using deep relaxation, mindfulness, concentration & confidence building techniques.

As a result, students can stay focused and confident while under pressure.

This is while studying, writing assignments or taking exams.

Thank you for your help, it made a big difference and my anxiety levels were lower than I have ever known in exams. I’ve finally passed.
Dr. Syed Naqvi

Psychiatry student, London, UK

Why take this exam preparation & academic performance programme?

Because it can really make a difference.

How do I know this?

Because this programme is based on experimental research I’ve personally conducted.

The topic was investigating whether hypnosis is effective for exam preparation. It focsued on reducing stress & anxiety in higher education students.

This was a small study.

However, results showed significant improvements in 100% of participants using this exam preparation programme.

Those suffering the highest levels of anxiety reported the most significant changes.

In the UK, students as well as teachers, schools and higher education institutions are under increasing pressure to achieve good results.

In fact, the number of young people receiving counselling for dealing with exams continues to grow.

There’s also been a continuous increase in the number of students experiencing emotional & mental health issues as a result, affecting other areas of life too.

Mindfulness is already being used in schools all across the UK.

This is because the government is looking for ways to improve the education system. This has also taken off at universities.

Similarily, this academic performance programme offers many of the benefits as mindfulness does.

But it also has the added advantage of being an even more specifically directed and targeted approach.

This is why it can get even better & quicker results .

What exactly will students experience in this academic performance programme?

During this academic performance programme set over 3-5 sessions (depending on specific needs & challenges as a student or in your school), students will:


  • Become aware of any negative thoughts and self-talk
  • Be able to change those thoughts & focus on positive images of success
  • Let go of distractions and be able to focus on what needs to be done




  • Feel more relaxed, as well as become more aware of their own ability to relax
  • Easily access positive feelings of confidence and other resources whenever they need or want to
  • Increases overall focus skillsself-worth, and even social skills



As a result, they’ll be calmer, happier & better performing students.

This exam preparation programme adds real value to both students and teaching staff.

This is because above all, it helps improve students’ mental & emotional well-being.

Tools learned on this programme can be used not only for exam preparation & academic performance, but also as tools for life.

are you ready to invest in your academic performance & success?

These costs are for individual students for 3 sessions.

If you are an academic institution and interested in group-sessions, please get in touch using the form below.

Additional services – for academic institutions

You can extend the exam preparation programme to cover other important areas too.

These will benefit your institution & students adding extra value by:


  • Improving learning strategies. These aren’t specifically for exams but for overall performance as well as life-skills.
  • Boosting public speaking & performance skills.
  • Improving motivation.




  • One-to-one sessions with students who need extra support.
  • Stress releasing sessions and confidence building for teachers & staff, in group setting or one-to-one.
  • Ongoing support and regular access to my services.



Got questions or interested in group programmes?

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