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changing your beliefs & relationship to sales & marketing, social media, tech or other stuff… I got you covered!

The confident biz programme

super-confidence & mindset training for women business owners.

 get sh*t done while staying true to yourself!

As an online business owner, you might have to put yourself out there as the face of your service or product.

You might also have to learn, use or deal with tech or social media stuff that you’d otherwise prefer to avoid.

Maybe you feel the online world, although you want to be part of it, is inauthentic, too time-consuming, or maybe you believe you can’t compete.

Maybe you’re just overwhelmed by all the stuff you think you need to get done.

So you need to get confident and ready to take on any mental or emotional challenges, resistances or discomforts you might have around social media, sales & marketing, or all that techy stuff you might use.

To achieve your goals, you also need to be organised, focused & clear, so that you can create and follow strategic action steps. Yes, the right mindset is essential, but obviously, you also have to do the work.

The good news is, once the mindset obstacles are out of our way, your work easily goes into a Flow state.

as an online biz owner, you might want to

  • Create your brand (and website).
  • Create email or social media marketing campaigns.
  • Create videos or webinars.
  • Participate in online discussions, podcasts, or post in groups or forums.
  • Attend networking events to promote yourself.
  • Promote yourself by giving public talks, presentations, or running events.
  • Learn. Whether it’s HOW to create or use the above strategies, or whether it’s tech or other skills.

Strategic Action

It’s easy to get lost, confused or overwhlemed with all those things you want done or overcome.

A very common obstacle is the lack of clarity over what you actually want – who you want to serve, where you’re going, what that involves, what getting there might actually look like.

If you’re not super-clear on that – it’s very tricky to identify the next steps you need to take that will serve you in the best way and allow you to reach your goal in the easiest & fastest way.

It’s especially challenging to focus & stay motivated if you’ve got fears or resistances standing between you and some of those action steps you know you need to take.


You also want to be honest and authentic in your biz.

Authentic businesses inspire and grow.

Especially now, when there’s so much online overload, people want to see and are more drawn to what’s more genuine, real and transparent.

But you might be feeling fear or resistance around stuff you know you’ve just got to do, or maybe that your real self isn’t good enough.

If it’s not you in person you’re putting out into the world but rather a product, you still want to communicate your values, mission and purpose.

This is because you want to form real connections with your customers or followers.

being confident, authentic & real in your biz will help you to 

  • Stand out above the competition.
  • Create a more influential image and brand by being your consistent self.
  • Connect on a more meaningful level with your ideal clients.
  • Create trust – in that you offer value and quality.
  • Promote engagement with your audience, turning more of them into customers.
  • Increase your passion and motivation for your biz and your own sense of mission.

on this women entrepreneurs coaching programme you will

  • Get crystal clear about your product or service, your ideal client, and also values & purpose – how and why you want to serve, beyond simply making money.
  • Change negative beliefs you have about yourself.
  • Drop resistances around sales & marketing.
  • Get comfy with social media, video, tech or other stuff you need to do or learn.
  • Let go of comparing yourself to others.
  • Be held accountable, take responsibility & own up to mistakes.
  • Learn to communicate more honestly &  effectively.
  • Dissolve anxiety you may not even be aware of.
  • Trust the value you’re providing.

You’ll free up energy that you previously spent on trying to fight fear or procrastination.


This will allow you to put that energy into your business, feeling motivated, clear and focused!

“I was feeling agitated, with a lot of thoughts. I now feel peace, tranquillity and clarity. Thank you for all the kind support and teachings…”

Cristina Berar

London, UK

“Before the sessions I was feeling mentally clogged and full of resistance. I learned how much I mentally sabotage myself even when I’m not aware of it… I feel free after the sessions…  I can move at an organised pace. I can also access more love, which feels not conditional on anything. I was impressed by how fast the work was, how it can really bring an awareness and release so fast. Thank you!”

Sat Purkh

California, USA

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