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‘I’m not good enough’ – is a belief almost everyone struggles with, in one area / context or another, to some degree or another, at one time or another in life.

This is usually subconscious & out of your everyday awareness but unknowingly it’s probably ‘running things’.

And it’s a HUGE obstacle if you wanna set up or grow your dream business.

Not only does this keep you from taking the needed action to grow your biz, but it also affects your ability to comfortably be yourself, attract your target audience and have effective conversations with them that would turn them into paying clients.

So having strong self-esteem is essential if you wanna grow your biz and make more money.

Confidence is profitable. 

are you struggling with…?

  • Feeling like your self-worth, well-being or happiness depend on achieving your goal.
  • Self-talk saying ‘I can’t’ and constant self-slamming.
  • Comparing yourself, your product or service to others.
  • Feeling like you have to prove yourself in some way or that you’re failing to ‘live up to your full potential’.
  • Feeling that success somehow happens to others, or is ‘reserved’ for others but not for you.
  • Believing you need to do / be more or better, in order to deserve approval, love or success.


As a result, these subconscious beliefs and patterns create:

  • Fear, envy & frustration.
  • Confusion & overwhelm around what action steps to take.
  • Procrastination & lack of motivation. 
  • Indecisiveness & lack of self-trust.
  • Ineffective communication.

To move forward towards your goals, you have to change these beliefs & feelings on a deep, subconscious level.


It really does take courage to believe in yourself & in that:

  • You can do it
  • You’re good enough
  • You deserve it
  • You know these for yourself & don’t need anyone else to confirm it

But courage is not about becoming fearless.

Fears are a natural part & sign of potential for change & big growth. They will come up every now and again, and that’s completely OK.

With the right mindset, they simply won’t be in your way – you’ll easily be able to leave them behind.  


Business confidence mindset coaching for women | Maya Zack

Self-belief is the most powerful force for making shit happen.

Because with self-belief & courage you’re then free to choose your passion & dreams over doubts. To trust what you’re doing. And to be at ease with who you are and know you’ve got tons to offer. 

In my 8-session Confident Me business women mindset training program, you’ll finally change any hidden blocks and ‘I’m not good enough’ type of beliefs or patterns, which you may or may not even be aware of right now. I’ll help you to simply leave them behind, quickly, so that you can move forward, both in biz and life.   

“[I was feeling] not very grounded and not very good about myself. [In the sessions] I was able to let go of beliefs and thoughts that were holding me back, to find comfort in not holding on to expectations nor desires, and found myself after each session in a really good space…

I now feel very much grounded and centred.  I was impressed by how relatively simple it is to let go of thoughts and beliefs.”

Beth Nurnberger

Perth, Australia

Get on the confident me mindset program and you will:

  • Super-charge your confidence & self-esteem.
  • Easily deal with fears if and when they come up.
  • Stop beating yourself up, judging yourself, or listening to your inner-critic’s voice.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others & focus on your own shit.
  • No longer need others’ approval.
  • Quickly clear your mind of rubbish you’ve been holding onto all this time.
  • Focus on progress, not perfection.
  • Make decisions more easily & find more creative solutions to challenges.
  • Be able to comfortably express your true self & easily communicate your message. 
  • Attract the right audience who are drawn to the authentic YOU.

You’ll have the clear mind-space to be focused, motivated & take high-impact action!

“Before the sessions I was feeling shy and insecure, lethargic, unclear, fearful, distracted, irritable & restless. I learned that everything is quite simple really when letting go of anything I hold onto.

I now feel much clearer… able to accept myself as I am in each moment and lighten in non-judgment… Thanks for everything, Maya! You’re work has helped me immensely! It’s been quite the journey, and it’s only the beginning.”

Jill Foster


“I was feeling like these stupid beliefs had a hold that was difficult to break. There was a real breakthrough, that beliefs are our own decisions… I feel much clearer… that I really can change, that there is a simple & effective means to work with them.

What impressed me the most is the ease… This really was quick. It was great! It was wonderful to feel the space that Maya opened for me to be myself, come as I am, and feel supported.”

Frances Adamson

Ontario, Canada

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