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what does business women mindset coaching got to do with self-esteem?

If you’re a business owner (or just a living human!) you might sometimes struggle with the feeling or belief that ‘I’m not good enough’.

Sometimes it’s more subconscious and out of your everyday awareness.

And it’s a HUGE obstacle if you’re wanting to set up or grow your dream business.

are you struggling with…?

  • Feeling like your self-worth, well-being or happiness is attached to achieving your goal
  • Self-talk saying ‘you can’t’
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Thinking your product or service isn’t as good as others’
  • Feeling like you have to prove yourself in some way
  • Feeling that success somehow happens to others, or is ‘reserved’ for others, but not for you
  • Feeling that you’re failing to ‘live up to your full potential’
  • Believing you need to do more or better, be more or better, in order to deserve approval, love or success


Because this ‘I’m not good enough’ belief can be subconscious, some might act confidently on the outside but feel insecure on the inside.

It’s a very negative message to send yourself. It keeps you in a limiting mindset and creates huge blocks between you and your business goals:

  • Feelings of fear, envy, unworthiness & frustration
  • Procrastination
  • Confusion & overwhelm when approaching tasks
  • Indecisiveness & lack of self-trust
  • Lack of confidence and self-esteem in other areas of life too

To truly move forward in your business, and believe you can achieve your goals, you must change these beliefs and feelings on a deeper, subconscious level.


It really does take courage to believe in yourself. To believe that:

  • You can do it
  • You’re good enough
  • You deserve it
  • You know these for yourself & don’t need anyone else to confirm it

And courage is not the absence of fear.

Fears are a natural part of change and growth. So it’s not necessarily about becoming fearless. They will still come up every now and again.

What it’s really about is making a continuous choice. Choosing your passion and dreams over fears and doubts.

Deciding they’re far more important and worthy of following.

Recognising that by holding onto fear, you’ll definitely be going nowhere.

That by taking action despite doubts, you’ll definitely be going somewhere…

the confident me business women mindset training programme

In this 8-session business women coaching programme, you’ll uncover any hidden blocks and beliefs standing in your way.

You’ll completely change this negative mindset and limiting ‘programming’ that’s been stopping you from moving forward in your business and life.

with the right, confident mindset, you’ll easily be able to

  • Super-boost your confidence and self-esteem!
  • Easily deal with fears if and when they come up
  • Stop beating yourself up, judging yourself, or listening to your inner-critic’s voice
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • No longer need others’ approval
  • Clear your mind of subconscious rubbish you’ve been holding onto
  • Focus on progress, not perfection

As a result, you’ll be focused & motivated to do what needs to be done!

“…Long held issues have finally been released and I feel a sense of peace. It’s simple and yet profound. Maya has been very supportive and I would recommend her to anyone.”

S. R.

Herts, UK

“Working with Maya has been a joy. A long standing illness that I had been battling with for nearly a year has completely healed and my relationships with those I love and work with have dramatically improved. I highly recommend working with Maya to create the life you want and most importantly deserve.”

Nicolle Carter

London, UK

“Before the sessions I was feeling like these stupid beliefs had a hold that was difficult to break. There was a real breakthrough, that beliefs are our own decisions, more or less. That we really do see what we believe reflected back at us. I feel much clearer on the dynamic that goes on between reality and beliefs. I feel that I really can change negative beliefs and that there is a simple and effective means to work with them. What impressed me the most is the ease with which I moved through some of the beliefs. This really was quick. It was great! I love the simplicity… it was wonderful to feel the space that Maya opened for me to be myself, come as I am, and feel supported.”

Frances Adamson

Ontario, Canada

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