Mindset coaching for entrepreneurs

From overlooked to overbooked

Stand out. Attract leads. Land clients.

Rise & Shine

The 90-days Mindset coaching for entrepreneurs programme

Get the mindset you need to 10X your income

Affirmation work, gratitude practice, journalling…  all very nice.

But let’s face it, you want deeper change, the kind that
radically reinvents your whole being.

Let’s flip that switch… for good.

With my mindset coaching for entrepreneurs programme,

I’ll get you out of your own way, fast.

How would you like to have:

Radiant self-worth

Believe in yourself like crazy, trust that you can achieve anything, and go for it!

Laser focus

Be free of self-sabotage, get crystal clear and focus on the RIGHT things for speedy growth.

Relentless drive

Take CONSISTENT, bold, but effortless action – always expanding your comfy zone.

Magnetic confidence

Show up for your audience as your true self and attract dream leads dying to work with you!

Passion for sales

Sell from the heart and charge what you want with absolute trust in the value you offer!

Can you imagine what you’ll achieve
with explosive confidence and relentless laser-focus powering you
every single day?

You’ll be posting those posts. Doing those Lives. Creating that funnel. Making those reels. Writing that book. Starting that podcast. Launching that program. Selling that thing. Attracting more leads. Closing more clients.

You’ll be making more money.

Are these mindset blocks keeping your goals away?

  • Fear of failure, success, judgement, rejection, uncertainty & the unknown making you avoid high-impact action.
  • ‘I’m not good enough’ and other self-criticism & limiting beliefs preventing you from powerfully showing up.
  • Feeling like your self-worth, wellbeing or happiness depend on your goals, creating resistance to taking action.

Here’s how they might be keeping you on the income rollercoaster:


Inconsistent in your marketing strategy?


Avoiding sales or money conversations?


Can’t focus, overwhelmed or confused?


Can’t stop comparing yourself to others?


Hiding on social, afraid of being seen?

As a result… no results.

You feel stressed, frustrated, burned out or just impatient…
Then end up looking for the next shiny object to sort you out.

Confidence & powerful mindset mastery is the foundation
of a wildly profitable business.

Finally, you’ll stand out, attract your ideal leads, nail your sales calls and land dream clients who are dying to work with you!

It also feels good & makes you happy.

Here are some of what my clients achieve, which you can too:

✔️ Increase your prices and create high-ticket offers.

✔️ Finally quit your 9 to 5.

✔️ Work while traveling the world.

✔️ Have more free time for yourself and loved ones.

✔️ Hit 6 figures in your business.

✔️ Buy your dream home.

✔️ Leave a legacy and build generational wealth.

✔️ Make a positive impact or give back to the community.

“Following sessions, my confidence grew and new habits formed.

Over the following months, I saw rapid results – increased commissions and collectors of my work.”

Fleur Deakin


I was burnt out, unsure of myself full of limiting beliefs. Now I’m flourishing, building sustainable income streams.

I’ve been featured in Marie-Claire, Stylist, Metro and the Telegraph…!”

Shruti Srivastava

London, UK

My self-worth and fear were in my way. [I’ve learned] The most powerful tools I’ve learned in life so farlife changing!
I’m much closer to launching than I ever thought I’d be by now… It would’ve taken me years.

Marina Frangipani

Brighton, UK

Your mindset is the bridge between any strategy and hitting your
6 figure income goals.

It’s time to take back control, quit the rollercoaster
and make consistnet income!

Here’s what you get from me as your confidence mindset coach:

12 fun, 1-hour, high impact, LIVE
Zoom-tastic coaching calls

✔️ Clarity intro call: vision, ideal clients & goals so we can tailor an action plan for us to focus on.

✔️ 8 Sedona Method sessions in which you’ll experience wild shifts straight away, liberating you from past stories, negative beliefs and a limited self-image.

✔️ 3 hypnosis sessions, including teaching self-hypnosis that’ll turn that subconscious switch while giving you tools for peace & calm.
(These are recorded so you can continue using them.)

What about in between meetings?

✔️ You get practical homework & worksheet exercises every week for more insight & to keep you on track and your confidence at work.

✔️ You’ll have my undying, unlimited VIP support, you can always get in touch for personal advice or to pick up your mood.

✔️ I’ll be your trusty wingwoman & dedicated accountability partner ensuring you’re not watching Netflix but doing that thing.

✔️ You’ll be able to continue using the practical tools immediately on your own… no need to ‘practice’ – they just WORK!

Change is effortless – all you have to do is commit & show up!

Take high-impact action and become an authority in your field.

With my unique, proven step-by-step formula, you’ll be saying:
‘OMG, I never thought it could feel so easy!’

Having mindset coaching for entrepreneurs and the RIGHT SYSTEM & TOOLS at hand, you’ll be taking charge in no time!

  Subconscious, fast & profound change.

Simple, practical mindset mastery tools so you can easily use on your own in any area for life!

Be FREE from life-long issues & baggage in areas of your life you didn’t even know were impacting your success.

Small groups (up to 5 people) to ensure you get top support – get on the waiting list!

I’ll let you know as soon as a space opens up.

Uncover the mindset secrets of
10k-month biz owners and create the lifestyle & freedom you want.

Maya Zack | Award-winning, business and money mindset coaching for entrepreneurs

“[I was] always a bit lost, not sure, lack of focus and foggy mind, doubting myself.

The sessions were ‘Aha’ moments for me. I felt so much calmer, complete, grounded, with clear mind, increased focused and full of energy.

Noticing the changes in my daily behaviour, thoughts and actions, and seeing that even my body language has changed – incredible.


Kremena Angelova

London, UK

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