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Ongoing performance & business mindset coaching

I’ll keep you clear, focused, confident & on track

The most important ingredient for growing your business is true COMMITMENT.  

So this means having ongoing inner strength, motivation, determination & resilience.

Maya Zack | Business mindset coach for women

why entrepreneurs have a mindset coach

You’re gonna have ups & downs with your biz. You’ll be facing challenges and sometimes have less productive days.

So the only way you’ll ever hit your goals is to KEEP GOING. You keep showing up.

Having a mindset coach is the most effective way of making sure you’re moving towards what you want in the fastest & EASIEST way possible.

As your mindset coach I’ll keep you in ‘the zone’ – your awesome confident flow knowing exactly what you’re doing.  

Together, we’ll easily remove mental or emotional blocks & challenges that pop up along your way, and keep you free of distractions, whether directly business-related or personal stuff that’s holding you back.

And that’s not all. I’ll also be giving you tons of strategic advice on what next practical steps you should take. Holding you ACCOUNTABLE will make sure that you actually do the work.

Having this kind of close support and leaving behind any stress, will allow you to easily have the energy & clarity to focus on what’s most important, step-by-step, taking consistent high-impact action without wasting time fighting doubts, confusion or overwhelm.

Just imagine how much more you could achieve…?

So if you wanna fast-track your progress & growth, ongoing coaching is absolutely the biggest advantage you can have.  

“Before the sessions I often felt overwhelmed and anxious. Learning the Sedona Method was fantastic as a way to change all these emotions and end up being clear-headed and able to move foroward with my projects. Maya was always super supportive and has provided me with a toolkit I can use on my own when anxiety comes back. I now feel at peace.

Thank you Maya for everything, and not only for the sessions, but for your support throughout and feedback. You’ve been of invaluable help to me throughout the last 5 months.”


London, UK

Business mindset coaching programme for women | Maya Zack

As your business mindset coach I’ll keep you:

  • Clear & connected to your values & purpose – keeping your motivation high.
  • Free of negative beliefs, fear or self-talk.
  • Free of stress, confusion or overwhelm.
  • Focused & clear on your next practical steps – keeping things simple!
  • Accountable, taking responsibility & action – no more procrastination!
  • Able to deal with any challenges in your biz or personal life affecting it.
  • Results and solution-focused with increased creative thinking.


Having the freedom to put your energy & passion into your biz without distractions!

“I gained a deeper perspective through learning a new way to look into my own patterns of thinking… It was valuable to tune in and be reminded of the importance of mindset work as well as to receive direct encouragement and support in doing the work. It was also very helpful to hear your perspectives on some beliefs. I gained depth of understanding hidden underneath the surface… along with the power for transformation that comes from it.

THANK YOU for caring, being present and giving your best.”

Guillaume Schollier


“I’ve had 9 sessions with Maya, and I consider everyone of them to be well worth the money. I’ll be having more… Maya has been a pleasure to work with. She has come out with insights that would otherwise have bypassed my know-it-all egoic conscious mind. She has a lovely sense of humour… She has taught me quite a lot.”

Tina K.

Lewes, UK

“Life has miraculously started moving again and become very unstuck in quite a short space of time and issues that I’ve been struggling with for ages are finally clearing.  

I really feel life is flowing so much easier now and great changes seems to be falling in my lap! I’ve had amazing and interesting insights along the way too!”

Helen C.

Slough, UK

ready to commit to taking yourself & your biz to the next level?

*To get the most benefit out of ongoing coaching, I ask for your commitment for a minimum of 6 months, each 3 months paid in advance. 

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