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Business mindset training support

ongoing confidence & mindset coaching for you to stay right on track

Wanting your dream to become reality is not enough. You must be committed to making it happen.

This means having ongoing inner strength, determination, continouous motivation and resilience.

why you need ongoing business mindset training support

Sure, you’ll have your ups and downs, you’ll be facing different challenges and might have more or sometimes less productive days.

But a winning business mindset means you must be willing and committed to KEEP GOING.

Just like keeping your body fit – it’s a good idea to keep your mind fit on a regular basis. With ongoing training and support, you’ll be in perfect form to take on whatever it is you’re facing or want to achieve.

So if you’re looking for continuous support, helping you to stay focused, motivated, confident, calm & clear about what you’re doing – this is for you.

I’ll help you to remove blocks and challenges that might (well, they will, I promise you that!) pop up along your way. These can be directly business-related but also personal stuff that’s distracting you or holding you back.

“Before the sessions I often felt overwhelmed and anxious. Learning the Sedona Method was fantastic as a way to change all these emotions and end up being clear-headed and able to move foroward with my projects. Maya was always super supportive and has provided me with a toolkit I can use on my own when anxiety comes back. I now feel at peace.

Thank you Maya for everything, and not only for the sessions, but for your support throughout and feedback. You’ve been of invaluable help to me throughout the last 5 months.”


London, UK

I am super happy I have had you as my mindset coach.

Before our sessions [I was] always a bit lost, not sure, lack of focus and foggy mind, doubting myself.

I learned to allow myself to release feelings, emotions and patterns which do not serve me anymore. Once I have allowed the feeling inside and really felt how much damage it has caused just because I have been clinging onto it, and identified with it, then the feeling of letting go was just great. The sessions were ‘Aha’ moments for me. After all sessions I felt so much calmer, complete, grounded, with clear mind, increased focused and full of energy.

The best bit was when I repeated the [self-limiting] statements and there was no more emotional connection to them. Noticing the changes in my daily behaviour, thoughts and actions, and seeing that even my body language has changed after the sessions – incredible.


You are one truly inspirational and amazing woman. Your work, words and energy are so uplifting, genuine, encouraging and inspiring too. Just continue to be you, Maya. You are Incredible.

Kremena Angelova

London, UK

ongoing business mindset training support will keep you

  • Crystal clear & connected to your values & purpose – how and why you want to serve.
  • Free of negative beliefs that might come up about yourself or your business.
  • Focused and clear on what you need to be doing.
  • Taking productive action & beating procrastination.
  • Motivated and committed, even when you face some down moments!
  • Held accountable, taking responsibility & action, owning up to mistakes and moving forward.
  • Being able to deal with any challenges, in your biz or personal life affecting it.
  • Free of stress, fear, overwhelm or anxiety.
  • Super confident & trusting in yourself and your dream-business!

You’ll have someone to hold your hand as you keep going, helping to pick you up when you’re down & keep you energised and focused on moving forward!


This will allow you to continuously & easily put your energy & passion into your biz without distractions!

“I gained a deeper perspective through learning a new way to look into my own patterns of thinking… It was valuable to tune in and be reminded of the importance of mindset work as well as to receive direct encouragement and support in doing the work. It was also very helpful to hear your perspectives on some beliefs. I gained depth of understanding hidden underneath the surface… along with the power for transformation that comes from it.

THANK YOU for caring, being present and giving your best.”

Guillaume Schollier


“I’ve had 9 sessions with Maya, and I consider everyone of them to be well worth the money. I’ll be having some more… Maya has been a pleasure to work with. She has come out with insights that would otherwise have bypassed my know-it-all egoic conscious mind. She has a lovely sense of humour… She has taught me quite a lot in our sessions… I am very happy to recommend Maya!”

Tina K.

Lewes, UK

ready to commit to taking yourself & your biz to the next level?

*For business mindset training ongoing support you must commit to a minimum of 3 months, each month paid in advance.

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