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Peak-performance mindset programme

A 90-days mindset upgrade for established entrepreneurs

Maya Zack peak-performance mindset mastery online for women entrepreneurs

Running a business is challenging.

You’re brilliant and have what it takes – you’ve already come this far.
And you probably wanted to create more FREEDOM in your life.

But the life of an online entrepreneur can feel stressful, overwhelming & lonely.

You might also want to grow into the next level in your business, but you feel stuck and you’re not sure why.

You’re not alone.
Allow yourself to be supported.

Peak-performance mindset will give you the clarity, strength & unbreakable resilience you need.

Let’s keep you in your zone of brilliance.


Drop stress, anxiety, or overwhelm with easy mindset tools that work like magic.

Clear focus

Make decisions with confidence and sharpen solution-directed thinking.

Effortless Action

Scale, grow and expand, with high drive & energy and without resistance or pressure.

Constructive failure

Take informed risks and transform setbacks into exciting opportunities.


Communicate more powerfully for better influence, leadership and relationships.


Activate your creative spirit with an open and curious mind and discover new possibilities.

Work-life balance

Get intentional with your time, set healthy boundaries, drop people-pleasing & enjoy life more!


Rediscover your purpose, mission & values to create the freedom and happiness you wanted.

With control over your thoughts and feelings, your mind will be free to focus on what’s most important.

Upgrade your self-esteem, self-belief and confidence
in and outside of your business.

Top achievers have coaches to keep them in peak form. 

Let’s make sustainable success easier.

Here’s what you get on the peak-performance mindset

12 fun, high impact, LIVE coaching calls

✔️ Clarity intro session: vision & goals

✔️ 8 Sedona Method sessions in which you’ll experience wild shifts straight away, liberating you from past stories, limiting beliefs and any emotions in your way.

✔️ 3 hypnosis sessions, including self-hypnosis that’ll turn that subconscious switch while giving you tools for peace & calm.
(These are recorded so you can continue using them)

What about in between sessions?

✔️ You get practical exercises every week for more insight & to keep you on track and your confidence at work.

✔️ I’ll be your trusty accountability partner ensuring you’re doing that thing.

✔️ You’ll have my undying, unlimited VIP support, you can always get in touch for personal advice or to pick up your mood.


Change is effortless – all you have to do is commit & show up!

Ready for your peak-performance mindset makover?

  Subconscious, fast & profound change.

Simple, practical mindset mastery tools so you can easily use on your own in any area  for life!

Be FREE from life-long issues & baggage in areas of your life you didn’t even know were impacting your success.

Small groups (up to 5 people) to ensure you get top support – get on the waiting list!

I’ll let you know as soon as a space opens up.

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