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The Brilliance Zone peak-performance mindset program

Running a biz is challenging. You face big tasks, responsibilities, obstacles and decisions every single day. You need to be able to navigate change and maybe also manage people on a regular basis.

Maybe you’re struggling with keeping healthy boundaries, confidence in specific areas, communication, or focus & clarity when it all gets a bit much.

Or maybe you’re feeling held back from moving on to the next level in your business and you’re not sure why. 

Not to mention you’ve also got your private life to handle and you want to keep that work-life balance in check.  After all, did you not choose to be an entrepreneur for the freedom and quality of life it can give you?

This can feel stressful & overwhelming and often lonely.

And too many think they need to go at this alone.

You don’t.

Keeping you in your brilliance zone

Over 8 sessions, you’ll get a fast and profound peak-performance mindset makeover & practical life-changing tools to keep your strong, unshakeable entrepreneur mindset at its best and for you to achieve your goals.

We’ll create a resilient, adaptable, focused and learning entrepreneur mindset and find creative solutions with clarity and self-trust.

Whether directly biz-related or around your personal life, we’ll get any subconscious patterns out of your way that have been creating blocks or making things difficult.


Maya Zack | Peak-performance mindset program

You’ll master your mindset on the deepest, subconscious level so that you create automatic success-behaviours that are most useful to you, as well as deal with uncertainty and any new challenges or situations thrown at you.

We’ll be SIMPLIFYING what appears to be complex.

You’ll get very intentional about what you’re doing with your time, and make sure that you’re also having a healthy work-life balance, easily able to deal with responsibilities and relationships.

You’ll enjoy a profound sense of freedom while being in the flow and able to commit even more to what you’re doing.

Having my close support you’ll be keeping mentally & emotionally calm, content and empowered to enjoy your life more… that’s the end goal, isn’t it?

Get on the Brilliance Zone peak-performance mindset program and you will:

  • Get clear on and reconnect with your values, purpose, passion & bigger picture. Professional success will leave you empty if you’re unhappy!
  • Build resilience, easily deal with stress, overwhelm or anxiety if and when they come up.
  • Be more in charge of your thinking & feeling, master your attention and self-regulation.
  • Redesign negative beliefs you have about yourself & change your self-talk so it supports you rather than gets in your way.
  • Be able to welcome and accept uncertainty & change with calm, clarity & consistent motivation.
  • Become free to choose how you respond to life… confidently do what you can to influence things you have control over and let go of wanting control over things you can’t.
  • Get clear on your goals and take more focused & effortless action towards them.
  • Find creative solutions and make better & clearer decisions.
  • Be held accountable, take responsibility & own up to mistakes if things don’t go as planned and easily use them as learning experiences.
  • Let go of comparing yourself to others, needing others’ approval, wanting to please others or prove yourself.
  • Learn to communicate more honestly & constructively for better and healthier relationships in your business and personal life.
  • Upgrade your self-esteem & confidence in as well as outside your business.

You’ll be reprogrammed to focus and take action on what’s most important to you while feeling more ease, peace & fulfilment in the life you set out to create.

Is that not what this was all about in the first place?

are you ready for your peak-performance mindset makeover?

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