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Feeling stuck in starting or growing your dream online-business?
I can change that.

In your completely FREE call, you’ll get a friendly kick up your ass & learn how you can finally break through your doubts, overwhelm or procrastination you might be struggling with.

You’ll leave the session with more clarity, confidence, renewed strength & motivation to get going and achieve your dream-biz goals!

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover on the call:

Business mindset coaching programme for women | Maya Zack
  • We’ll get you clear on your future vision for yourself & your business (you can’t get there if you don’t know where ‘there’ is!)
  • Identify & uncover hidden blocks standing in your way or taking away your energy & motivation.
  • Break through some of the self-sabotaging stories you’ve been unknowingly telling yourself that have been keeping you stuck. 
  • A clear, step-by-step plan of what you can expect if you want to work with me, making sure you’re supported in exactly the right areas to achieve your goals faster & easier!

“I was super nervous to make the decision…it took me a decade to ASK FOR HELP & be open to the possibility that my mind could be reset. I didn’t believe coaching was something to be considered. I thought I simply had to learn how to deal with how my mind works. How wrong could I’ve been? I’ve learned the MOST POWERFUL tools I’ve learned in life…LIFE CHANGING! It would’ve taken me YEARS… I’m much closer to launching the new version of my business than I ever thought I would be by now. Maya makes the whole process SO EASY & enjoyable. Don’t waste any more of your precious life hitting your imaginary walls. Take the leap & you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before. Grazie mille, Maya!

Marina Frangipani

Brighton, UK

“Before the sessions I was feeling mentally clogged and full of resistance. I learned how much I mentally SABOTAGE MYSELF even when I’m not aware of it…

I FEEL FREE… I was impressed by how FAST the work was, thank you!”

S. Purkh


“Before the sessions I was feeling restless and busy mind. I learned that there is a possibility for change and it doesn’t have to take lots of time, energy & money! I felt EMPOWERED… What’s definitely better is my CLARITY in my FOCUS… LESS FEAR, because I know how to help myself. I was impressed by the HONESTY & LIGHTNESS with which you work. Thank you Maya!”


Bonn, Germany

“I can’t believe how POWERFUL (and QUICK!) it has been. Right from my first session I was much more present and less stressed. Maya has helped me learn to RELEASE DEEP SEATED FEARS and insecurities and I feel empowered to ACHIEVE MY GOALS going forwards.”

Helen H.

London, UK


I’m an expert mindset trainer & peak performance specialist and I’ve helped hundreds of ambitious women set up their online biz to be FREE to work whenever & from wherever they want.

With my help, my clients completely change their psychological inner-innerconversation and become UNSTOPPABLE & super-charged to make their dream-biz happen!

They get super-clarity, confidence & focus, WITHOUT OVERWHELM or wasting time fighting negative self-talk or mind-stories.

I create these changes for you on a SUBCONSCIOUS, automatic level, so it becomes EFFORTLESS & it’s there to stay!

I use proven, science-based powerful mindset tools, along with step-by-step, clear & practical strategies to help you grow.

This has been proven to be a winning combo to finally get UNSTUCK & ready for REAL ACTION towards your dream-biz goals!

“I can’t remember what challenges were holding me back in the first place!”

Shruti S.

London, UK

Stop dreaming & start moving! 

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Warning: it’s NOT for everyone.

Please understand that it’s only those who are 100% committed to themselves & their goals who make sh*t happen. So this is only for you if you’ve truly had enough of feeling stuck and are ready to fast-track your results and get the support you need. 

So if you’ve got a service, product or passion you’ve been dying to share with the world while making great money…

If you’ve been dreaming of being your own boss & having the FREEDOM to work from anywhere and on your own terms – then this is for you.

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