Beat overwhelm | Maya Zack business mindset coachingI hear the word ‘overwhelm’ A LOT when working with my clients. This is why I created this short video for you.

This overwhelm is usually around their goals & stuff they need to do to create the business of their dreams.

Or maybe it’s around personal issues and blocks they’ve been carrying around for so long, they don’t know where or how to begin shifting them.

The inspiration might be there, but the focus isn’t.

Or maybe we have fears and insecurities about being able to handle it all.

Overwhelm is definitely an uncomfortable feeling. This is because it falsely tells us there’s just too much we need to do, and so we’re unlikely to get things done and achieve what we want.

We resent that of course. We don’t like being told we can’t.

So because it’s such an uncomfortable feeling, to stop feeling it, most of us tend to simply ignore or push away our goals we supposedly want to achieve.

This means procrastinating even more.

And then our to-do lists grow even longer…

Overwhelming us even more…


Sound familiar?


If you’ve ever experienced what I’m talking about, I know you’ll find this short video useful. Watch it now to find out how you can overcome feeling overwhelmed and start getting into action towards turning your imagination and future vision into reality.

This great tip in the video might sound obvious, but the thing is, only few ever truly follow it…

Those are the few who achieve their goals.

Here’s a recent comment from a client who was feeling pretty stuck and overwhelmed by things she needed to do to get her online business off the ground:

Before the sessions I was feeling stuck, unmotivated, walking in circles. Not sure if I was up to doing anything successful with any help I received. I have gained inspiration and know that with a little bit each day, one foot in front of the other instead of GIGANTIC STEPS all will be well and unfold as necessary…
~ Estelle Harman, NZ ~

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