What’s so amazing about having an accountability partner? 

Accountability should always be a BIG part of any coaching (or any other long-term programme or project for that matter!) you take on.

But why is it so important to building a business?

Well, how many times in the past month have you felt unmotivated or distracted? Maybe you were sitting staring at your screen or out the window.

Maybe you were trying to avoid thinking about that next step you know you really gotta do.

Instead, you went back to scrolling down your feed, making another coffee or tea, telling yourself you’ll be sufficiently laser-focused after that one more cup.

And that snack.

And maybe just that short inspirational video. And answering that email.

Maybe you felt indecisive, not knowing how to go about stuff, overwhelmed, confused or frustrated with yourself for doing things that haven’t been working.

You’ve been floating around, in circles, not really going anywhere.

Maybe you were having such a shitty day, you had that passing thought of throwing in the towel & moving onto (or back to) your plan B career.

But what if you could snap your fingers and magically come right out of that state and back into focus?

Well, having an accountability partner or coach is the closest thing to that magic.

Imagine you had someone you could turn to whenever you felt that way and who could change your way of thinking straight away.

How much more action would you have taken then during this month? How much more could you have accomplished? What about 6 months, or the past year??


So accountability is HUGE.

For most, it’s essential to making real progress. It can literally be the reason for pushing you towards your success.

Most people who struggle on their own fighting these feelings end up not making progress at all, or, if they do, it takes them faaar longer to achieve their goals.

Top entrepreneurs have accountability coaches. Cuz they know it keeps you in check, focused & committed to your goals…

They also know you take more action and make better decisions when you know you’re ‘reporting’ to someone else.

And that’s how you grow a business.

So what does an accountability partner actually give you?

First of all, they consistently check to see where you are & whether you’ve been taking the necessary actions. They’ll call you out for not doing your HW!

They’ll give feedback & use criticism in a positive way so to push you harder.

They help you accept ‘failure’ as learning & own your mistakes. This is super helpful, cuz you definitely WILL ‘fail’ sometimes. Probably many times. So you need that constant reminder it’s all part of the growth & development process.

They’ll also highlight your little successes & wins which motivates you to keep going.

This is important cuz you often overlook them as you’re so focused on what’s keeping you stuck or that gap between where you are now and where you wanna be.



You really need to make sure you get the right accountability partner for you.

I’ve had clients come to me who were cautious at first to take up coaching again cuz they had previous negative experience with people who actually made them feel worse about themselves.

So they ended up feeling resistant rather than looking forward to their meetings & to taking action.

Obviously, you need to feel comfortable with them and be able to communicate with them easily & honestly.

But what more?

What you should look for in an accountability coach or partner:

1. They want the absolute best for you.

Your success is genuinely important to them, and they make you feel like a better and more successful person.


2. They have lots of experience or good knowledge around what you want to achieve.

This way, they can give you better advice on making decisions.


3. They’re good at motivating you.

You have to have continuous motivation to achieve your goals.

So if they can bring back that fire in you when you’re down or re-focus you when you’re off course, they’re a good fit for you.

4. They understand where you are.

They know your (currently perceived) limits and push you forward in a powerful but mindful way.

It’s super-important to not push too hard to not bring you down or create resistance. But they still get you to stretch yourself and those ‘limits’ bit by bit.


5. They give you negative feedback in a positive way.

You need to feel that any negative feedback coming from them is in your best interest so that YOU’RE KEEN to make any changes or do the work.


Finally but very importantly,


6. They should commit to giving you regular feedback.

Accountability only works if it’s on a regular continuous basis. Sorry, but it’s just not gonna get you anywhere if it’s only now and then.

Motivation & focus need to be constantly topped up and on-going if you wanna make real progress.



Whether you get a friend to commit to you, an accountability partner, or you invest in an expert coach, I suggest you organise that as soon as possible if you’re serious about moving forward.

Get that magic going!