High self-esteem means more confidence, which is the #1 factor you need to have for creating and succeeding in your business.

Self worth | Maya Zack mindset trainingIt also determines the quality of your relationships and pretty much all your other life areas too.

A strong sense of self-worth naturally also helps to build more confidence in the less-confident areas.

This is because it allows you to believe that you’re able to get better.

People with low self-esteem have a lack of belief in themselves and therefore lower levels of confidence too.

Without empowering beliefs, confidence is harder and slower to build, though still possible – because you can learn specific skills, and in turn, this can help to strengthen your sense of self-esteem.

So confidence is tied to self-esteem but they’re NOT the same.


The difference between self-worth & confidence


By Xaviera Lopez


For example, you might appreciate you’re intellectually gifted but feel like you’re failing at life somehow.

You might be confident about your fulfilling relationships but feel like professional or financial success will never come to you.

Or you might be easily able to express your skills and talents, but feel like you need to show or hide particular parts of yourself in order to be accepted or approved of.

Maybe you sometimes feel like you’re just not as good as others, or just ‘not good enough’.


Believing you’re not good enough


This is usually subconscious. You feel or think you’re not worthy enough.

You’re telling yourself that your goals are somehow ‘reserved’ for someone else who’s better suited or deserves them more than you. That success happens to some, but not to you.


“The ‘self-image’ is the key to human personality and human behaviour. Change the self image and you change the personality and the behaviour. Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-brake on. Accept yourself as you are. Otherwise you will never see opportunity. You will not feel free to move toward it; you will feel you are not deserving.”
~ Maxwell Maltz ~

So what’s self-worth then?


Self-worth is NOT at all tied to abilities, skills, talents or value that you can ‘provide’.

Self-worth is about self-love and knowing you have value, for NO REASON at all.

You have value and you matter, simply ‘cuz you’re here. This is independent of anything else. It’s about liking and accepting yourself for who you are. Including both strengths and weaknesses.


By Xaviera Lopez


11 signs you’ve got high self-worth


1. You know you’re enough


You have no ‘I’m not good enough’ self-limiting beliefs. You know you’re deserving, just as you are.

You also know you’ve already won the prize to prove it – you’re here!


2. You appreciate yourself


You remind yourself of both your inherent value as well as your talents or skills. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging your strengths.

Confident people know there’s a huge difference between appreciating yourself and being an arrogant narcissist nobody likes (- they don’t even like themselves).


By Robin Davey


3. You build more confidence in your weaker areas


You’re more able to easily increase confidence in areas you feel less great about. This is ‘cuz you have self-belief and motivation and you know your goals are possible to achieve.


4. You don’t give much of a f*** about what others think of you


You’re no longer bothered by other people’s judgement, opinions or expectations. You know it’s only your own validation you need.

You know their opinions are their business, and you like minding your own.


By Xaviera Lopez


5. You’re more authentic


Now that you’re free from others’ evaluations, you’re able to express your real self, your true thoughts, feelings and opinions in your own way without needing approval.

Instead of looking for confirmation, you more genuinely want to simply share and contribute.

As a result, you’re also likely to find you naturally attract more validation from others too. This can feel rewarding but you also know it doesn’t ultimately matter.


6. You’re able to handle challenging situations


You know you can trust and count on yourself and your own resources.

You have courage to deal with whatever needs to be faced.

You also feel comfortable asking for support. You see asking for help as a sign of strength, acknowledging you’ve still got more you can learn.

Overcome challenges | Self worth mindset training Maya Zack

By Nikki Desautelle


7. You have much better relationships


The more relaxed  & comfortable you feel in yourself, the more you also allow others to be themselves.

You’re not trying to control anyone nor are you controlled by them.

You’re respectful of others and more considerate of their needs. This is ‘cuz you know your own worth – so you also know everyone else is just as worthy.

You’re not afraid of disagreements, criticism or rejection. You have no problem admitting to or apologising for mistakes.


8. You’re better at learning


You have no fear of ‘failure’ but instead recognise you’re always in the process of learning.

Without fear & limiting beliefs, your mind is much more open. It’s more like a sponge – like it used to be when you were a child – absorbing without interruption.


Image: www.behance.net


9. You enjoy better health


Low self-esteem and confidence means higher levels of stress and anxiety. These can have a huge effect on you and your body.

With high self-worth you have more peace of mind, you’re able to relax and allow your body to physiologically rest.

You also have higher levels of energy because you’re more eager to participate in life!


10. You’re more successful


Whatever that means to you.

You have positive beliefs, motivation and energy powering your actions and keeping you focused. You take more risks and find more opportunities presenting themselves to you.

And because you no longer compare yourself to others, you have a much stronger sense of purpose and meaning. This drives you forward far more than feeling you have to prove yourself in any way.


Success selfworth mindset coaching | Maya Zack

Image: www.behance.net


11. You’re more present


You’re not caught up in the past. You’re not regretting, or feeling feeling sorry for yourself & your life story. Nor are you thinking things will never be as good.

You’re not caught up in the future. You’re not constantly worrying about stuff, nor always aiming to get somewhere else or achieve another goal that will make you feel better or prove a point.

You take from the past what’s useful, and look forward to the future with openness to possibility.

You know life has now, and will continue to have, lots to offer – ‘cuz you’ve got lots to offer.


12. You’re freer


You stop blaming others or circumstances for where you are at life. Though it might seem easier to hold others responsible, this is actually a huge relief.

This is because it means you’re no longer controlled by anyone or anything.


You’re in charge of your own life & state


As a result, you enjoy your life so much more – and feel so much more thankful for this awesome opportunity!

“Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.”
Aurelia Plath ~


By Robyn Davey

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